Guild Wars 2: Current Events (Ley Line Energy, White Mantle bosses and snow?)


It’s snowing in Divinity’s Reach and it’s surroundings. It looks like snow at least, hundreds of Dandelion seeds hovering in the sky. But during the nights something changes, something strange appears, there in Queensdale, and it’s not the Lady of Shaemoor. You can even see it happening in Kessex Hills and Brisbane, the air is heavy with magic, hundreds, thousands of hovering orbs.

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Lore behind the raid: Forsaken Thicket, Salvation Pass


A few weeks ago the second raid wing Forgotten Thicket: Salvation Pass was released, and just like the first wing Spirit Vale, it seems pretty obvious running through it. Some difficult bosses, nice rewards and this time with a nice cinematic at the end. But this time again there is a lot more that’s hidden lorewise, somethings that are confirmed and easy to see, other things just hinting at stuff or just real overspeculation.

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The Dungeon Rejuvenation Initiative (aka Fractals?!)


Ever since Guild Wars 2 was announced, there was a feature that had me very excited, dungeons. ArenaNet had promised to deliver us a challenge for groups of 5. They promoted dungeons as the competition to the instanced-type of content other games provide. That promise was delivered to an extent, with the explorable mode of Arah back in the day, claiming that title and being without a doubt the hardest challenge the game had to offer.

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