2015’s Great Moments in GW2


It’s been an exciting year in Guild Wars 2. Since the end of 2015 is upon us, I thought I’d share my 15 most memorable moments of the year. Beware though, considering how the expansion was a big part of the past year, there will be spoilers! You can continue reading at your own risk.

  1. One of my favorite moments this year was the reveal of New Lion’s Arch. The city had been a beat-up crater for far too long, so it was very nice seeing new life breathed into it.gw309
  2. A particularly exciting time was when Heart of Thorns was announced. Before then, we didn’t know if there would ever be a traditional expansion pack. It was a quite a thrill getting that confirmation.hot_texture_centered_trans
  3. My girlfriend and I tried duo-ing various dungeons throughout the year, culminating in defeating Lupicus and completing an Arah explorable path with just our two rangers. Took a lot of trial and error, though! We still do it for fun, of course.gw503
  4. Earlier this year, I hit 20,000 achievement points. I was pretty proud of that moment, and I keep earning more! I know there’s plenty of people with way more, but we should still savor our own triumphs.
  5. The first time I got into the Heart of Thorns beta, I was most excited to try gliding. It really adds a whole new dimension to the game, and I still love gliding so much.
  6. Another great moment from the beta was getting to try the revenant, along with the various elite specializations. These new classes really breathed new life into gameplay for me, and it was fantastic getting to try them.gw031
  7. I always tend to like the holidays in-game, and Halloween is my favorite. Seeing the new Lion’s Arch redecorated for Halloween was quite a treat, and that’s no trick!
  8. Once the expansion came out, there were quite a few noteworthy moments. One of them was definitely seeing the resplendent glory of Tarir, the city of the Exalted. It’s a beautiful place and I still enjoy exploring it.gw514
  9. Then there’s the two fights against Mordremoth. One form of the dragon is in the personal story, and while it’s not very big, it’s still pretty powerful. Finishing Mordremoth in his own mind felt like the best way to deliver justice.
  10. The other fight against Mordremoth takes place in the open world, fighting the Mouth of Mordremoth for the first time was quite the epic battle. The Mouth is a huge boss that can eat the islands you’re standing on. It’s intimidating, and it feels saga-worthy when you take it down.gw561
  11. Finally, one of my favorite moments from this year was claiming the Lost Precipice guild hall with the small guild I lead. It was tricky coordinating our groups, especially since we didn’t all have gliding learned yet, but when we finally downed the boss I went to the crystal and claimed the guild hall. I was so satisfied that we were able to claim a space in the game we could make our own.gw511

2015 had a lot of great times, but I hope 2016 has even more in store. I can’t wait to find out!

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