A Rhyming Guide To Halloween


Halloween is here! So to calm your heart
Check out this guide on where to start.

The Clocktower is deadly, so make sure to jump
You don’t want to fail and fall on your rump!

Ascent to Madness – the realm of the King
You may even be gifted a tattered bat wing!

If you want loot, to the Labyrinth you go
Beware the spiders and skeletons that glow!

Gargoyles and mummies will stalk you as well
Kill them all fast or face the death knell!

Often a mysterious door will appear
Will you open it now and overcome your fear?

If you die and feel you have to respawn
Take a break from the fight and eat candy corn!

Head to Lion’s Arch and put down that axe
It’s time to play games and really relax!

Dress up and fight in the great Costume Brawl
“Pow!” and “Bam!” in this free-for-all!

Join in with a round of Mad King says
You must do as required, no more, always!

GW2 halloween LA

Remember to laugh at King Thorn’s jokes
If you don’t you may die, and this is no hoax!

Carve pumpkins and open Trick or Treat bags
And hope you find more than just dirty rags!

Mini pets, tonics, and weapons to get
Farm them now or get into debt!

Drooburt the Ghost is haunting  LA
Feed him some candy to make him stay!

A fortnight of ghoulish capers and more
Scares and chills and frights galore!

And here we have it, for now I must leave
To go out and enjoy this All Hallows’ Eve!

One thought on “A Rhyming Guide To Halloween

  1. If you have your own rhyme about the Shadow of the Mad King event, add it to the comments! Would love to hear your additions to my poem above.

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