And the 8th profession is the… Mesmer!


The information had already reached various sites some days ago, in order to cover the circumstance. Although some did not resist to the temptation. The Denmark site Game Reactor leaked the skills video of the last profession and we got a reveal. The signature profession of the first Guild Wars, the Mesmer, makes a come back in Guild Wars 2. It looks fresh, it looks renewed and it’s ready to mesmerize you!

Even if the fact of another leaked reveal for ArenaNet saddens us, the news are pleasant for the fans of the “illusionist”. Martin Kerstein, one of the company’s Community Managers, rushed to prevent the bad situation, commenting through the official twitter account of the game:

“Yes, Mesmer is the final profession. Seems like someone jumped the gun. Official reveal will be on Wednesday, stay tuned.”

Let’s take a peak from the Mesmer, through his skills video, until the actual announcement on the upcoming Wednesday:

The information that we can gather so far from watching the video are the following:

  • The Mesmer can use staff, scepter, sword, greatsword, pistol and focus.
  • He can create clones that are capable of using his own currently equipped weapons.
  • He can utilize skills that grant invisibility.
  • He has access to different conditions (In the video we saw daze and poison.
  • His arsenal includes skills of teleportation and blinks.


What’s your opinion so far on the Mesmer? Comment at the corresponding thread of our forums.

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