And the next episode leads us to… the Ring of Fire


A few days ago I was talking to a friend of mine, saying I was hoping we would go to the Island of Janthir in the next episode (with the raid wings as a certain step in our journey, while finding Lazarus and the Eye of Janthir in the end). The next day I learned we were going to the Ring of Fire.

I did not see that one coming.


The Ring of Fire, with a map called Ember Bay to be exact. The map is pretty big and will be, of course, volcano themed (with some amazing views) and we will get to see more of the Mursaat fortress and ruins there. I’m sure we will get more information coming to us in the next two weeks, but for now I just want to focus a bit on what this could mean.

The Ring of Fire… Fire…. Could this mean we will see Primordus, the great Fire Dragon? We know he is alive and well judging by the events that took place in the first episode of  Living Story Season 3.

One of the reasons why it makes sense to go there, is because of one of the recent Current Events, where we need to assist Seis Burnheart in tracking the devices she planted to collect the data about the recent changes in the flow of the magic. She is tracking the flow and we need to help her to go through a few maps. She starts at Frostgorge Sound and makes her way South West, towards Southsun Cove in the end. This is in the direction towards the Ring of Fire. Through the dialogue we also learn that it could be because of a dragon, Primordus, who just started stirring. Although… It couldn’t be moving towards Orr…. Of course not… How could Primordus not be going towards the Ring of Fire? He is the Fire Dragon. Seeing him in that hot atmosphere, surrounded by destroyers just makes so much sense…



There is one important reason why I think maybe we won’t be going there because of Primordus. I just don’t think Tyria can survive the death of another Elder Dragon just now. If Primordus was defeated, with all that energy suddenly releasedm it would cause chaos I’m afraid. The Elder Dragons uses to be here for one reason, balance, to make sure that Tyria didn’t charge up to much so it would shift into the Mists (hmm, remember the ghosts?). The death of two of them already was dangerous (as we could see in the Current Events, the leyline energy going wild, Anomalies being larger all the time), the shattering of the Bloodstone didn’t help (with Lazarus fortunately absorbing most of the energy) and now we sometimes even see random anomalies appearing as ghosts somewhere around you. I think the death of a third Elder Dragon could be catastrophic.

Primordus being there is an option, but there are other reasons why we have to go there, some make even more sense when you think of it.

So why going to the Ring of Fire if it’s not for Primordus?

I think everyone who played Guild Wars Prophecies could give you a number of reasons (not counting the “I just want to go there again” comments).

One reason has everything to do with the bloodstone. The Maguuma bloodstone is one of the core threads in the current story, the White Mantle, the ghosts, the bloodstone shards and finally the explosion of the Bloodstone. If we would had to learn more about the bloodstones or that explosion there are a few places in the world we could to go to to find out more. Abaddon’s Mouth being one of them. In response to King Doric’s plea the Gods split the bloodstone into five pieces and threw the pieces in this volcano. When it erupted the bloodstones were spread around Tyria. One of them was the Maguuma bloodstone, another one the Shiverpeak bloodstone. The last of the known bloodstones was the Ring of Fire bloodstone, located in the caldera of Abaddon’s Mouth. So going to the Ring of Fire to examine the bloodstone could be an option.


Another reason has everything to do with Lazarus. We now know he is alive, we saw him absorbing the magic of the bloodstone and now we need to find him. One of the places we could find him definitely is the Ring of Fire. It’s a place in Guild Wars where we could find lots of Mursaat and Mursaat related activities, Jade constructs and don’t forget the door of Komalie. Now you might wonder how we could see Lazarus when we get to the Ring of Fire. Shouldn’t we go through ascension first to see the Mursaat? Well do we need to be ascended? Back in Guild Wars we could become ascended by going through the trials of ascension of Glint or by becoming Weh no Su (to be closer to the stars). There were more benefits to ascension, we could take on different secondary professions, see the spirits of the dead, travel to the Mists. Here in Guild Wars 2, if you look at it lore-wise, we have different game mechanics. Every class can basically fulfill any role (secondary profession), see spirits of the dead are everywhere (Ascalonian ghosts, angry spirits and even Ley-Line Anomalies) and travelling to the Mists is just common (PvP, WvW). We don’t tap magic from the bloodstones anymore, but from the free energy in the world. Right now we have reached a point where the energy is going crazy, reaching levels we’ve never seen before, could this imply we are reaching some sort of supercharged state of mind (bloodstone-crazed moa etc), some form of ascension in real life? This is just a wild theory by the way, it might as well be that we are not done with Glint just yet, the exalted having a small surprise hidden away or maybe even the Tengu?


Crystal Desert in November?

Kidding of course :). There is just so much that can happen with the information we got. Ring of Fire…. Vizier Khilbron , the scepter of Orr, Livia, so many things that can happen with this reveal. I really love it and I’m so much looking forward to this new episode and the ones after that.


Extra info:

One of the things that has always made me wonder was the Eye of Janthir. Saul D’Alessio claimed it at the Island of Janthir, an island north of Kryta according to the maps of Guild Wars 2. In the first game, Mantle Knight Franklin says that Saul traveled south to Janthir. So who is right there? With the Isles of Janthir in the Janthir Bay clearly visible in the game map I’m pretty sure that it is where it should be, up north. But what if Franklin wasn’t wrong either? He mentions an island, not islands after all. So, what if he had the name wrong, not the direction? If Saul did travel south (man, that guy needs to learn how to give directions), reached Ring of Fire, and found the Eye of Janthir there? We know as a fact that the Mursaat where there, they had their Fortress protecting the Door of Komalie (both from the inside as well as the outside).

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