ArenaNet: Account Restoration


Hacked accounts had always been a major “disease” in the MMO genre. A “disease” that has also struck Guild Wars many times. If we haven’t been hacked in Guild Wars, then one of our guild mates or a member of our alliance has surely been hacked. In order to get ready and defend it’s community from such issues, ArenaNet seems to be developing some tools for Guild Wars 2.

Gaile Gray, ArenaNet’s Support Liaison, posted yesterday on the official Guild Wars support forums regarding Account Restorations. She informed us that in the process of creating community tools for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet’s programming team has developed a way to restore hacked accounts back to the player on the exact same state it was before the hack. How’s it working you ask? Well, as Gailey says, the tool is periodically taking some “snapshots” of your whole account. This way, when then inevitable happens to you, ArenaNet can easily restore your account back to it’s last saved state.

If your Guild Wars account was hacked after October 1, 2011 the Support Team of Guild Wars can help you get it back. In order to make this happen, you must meet the requirements that are written in Gailey’s post. You can find the post here.

One of the ArenaNet’s “Guards”.
(Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.)

What ArenaNet wants to achieve is to keep a balance between a secure community and a protected economy. As it seems the whole system is currently undertaking a full test through the original Guild Wars in order to check out it’s actual results, in anticipation of Guild Wars 2.

Tell us your opinion on the new Account Restoration system that ArenaNet is trying out. Do it, by either commenting below or posting your thoughts over the correspoding thread of your forums, which you can find over here.

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