ArenaNet: Closed Beta Signups

gw2betaYesterday, ArenaNet announced on Facebook that we were going to hear some good news today. These news, as we saw today, were none other than the opening of the next phase of the Guild Wars 2 beta testing to a wider audience.

A new page ( has been set up for 48 hours exclusively for this reason and you, too, can sign up for a chance to be among the lucky selected ones who will aid in the testing of the game and, of course, enjoy an early taste that many would envy. Note that participation in the beta testing is still under strict NDA.

Once you reach the page (which, in the first hours, seems to crumble under the weight of the hordes of excited fans), the process has two steps:

  1. First, you will be asked to download a diagnostic tool that will perform a check of your computer. We assume this is so that ArenaNet can assess how interesting (regarding testing) your system setup is.
  2. When the check completes, the tool will open your browser to a page with a unique URL where you will be asked to fill some information, which will be associated with the computer you just ran the tool on. This is mainly some contact information, a guild you may be a member of and any previous gaming experience and preferences you might have.

Today’s news is a milestone that we all feel brings us one step closer to the release of the game, the exact date of which is still a well guarded secret in ArenaNet and NCsoft.

If you haven’t already signed up, hurry up and do so, since the countdown until Friday has already started. From all of us here, good luck!

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