ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 Year End Development Update


ArenaNet farewells the year that passes by, with a blog post. We learn some things about the different types of achievements, the changes that the Thief has undergone over the last few months and last of all we get a little presentation of a new aspect in the combat system of the game.

First of all, Eric Flannum explains how is the achievement system of Guild Wars 2 working. The game itself utilizes the achievements in order to reward the players for completing various tasks. They are separated in three categories depending on the actual time needed for the completion, their level of difficulty and the rewards that they provide:

  • The generally called achievements, are long-term goals that provide purely cosmetic rewards. As an example in this category, there’s an achievement which is earned by completing, at least once, every dungeon of the game in explorable mode. If you get this achieved you earn a title that reflects your feat.
  • The second category is consisted of the daily achievements. These, include direct goals that have maximum duration of one day. Their style is repeated day after day throughout the various daily achievements, and the rewards that they provide are experience and gold. An example in this category would be a daily achievement earned by killing a certain amount of centaurs. Depending on how many centaurs the player managed to kill, ie the progress on this specific daily achievement track, he’ll get the corresponding amount of the reward.
  • Last but not least, in order to bridge the gap of the previous two categories, ArenaNet utilizes monthly achievements. These, have longer duration than the daily achievements cause, as their name suggests, they can be completed within a month, they differ from month to month and can be earned by fulfilling goals similar to the ones of the general achievements. If someone succeeds in completing a monthly achievement he will be rewarded with a more substantial amount of experience and gold.
The “achievement panel” in game.

The whole system, seems to be an evolution of some already developed aspects used in the first Guild Wars. The function of storybooks that the players utilized in the prequel in order to write down their progress and get rewarded by them later on, is now merged with the achievement panel of Guild Wars 2. On the other hand, daily and monthly achievements see to be the natural continuation of the Zaishen Challenge Quest.

The second subject that the article deals with, are the changes that the Thief has undergone, over the last few months. The unique mechanic of this profession, steal, is now working slightly different. When the player presses F1, which is the corresponding button for steal, just once while targeting a mob he “steals” from it a weapon. Then, the icon of steal changes to the one of the weapon that the player has stolen. Now, in order to use the new skill that the stolen weapon has provided to him, the player has to simply target a mob and press F1 once again. The new steal differs essentially from the previous one to this exact point. When you steal a weapon, it is not replacing the weapon skills of your currently equipped weapon. This way you can have  simultaneous access to both the weapon skills and the skill which is provided by the stolen weapon. To add to this, the Thief can now use a new category of skills, called stealth skills. When he enters stealth, skill 1 of his bar now switches to a completely different skill. This new skill will be determined by the weapon that the thief has equipped to his main hand.

Last but not least, Jon Peters presents us a new mechanic which is implemented in the combat system of the game. Motivated by the way chain skills work so far, the developers decided to move the whole system one step further. Just like Jon says, in order to create a chain skill, excluding the visual part, some animations that support the functionality of skills are required. Taking this into account, the developers improved the animation of every skill so that the players can be aware of when and how they can “lock” one skill, after another. In order to understand better how this system works, ArenaNet’s post shares an example. If we assume that a Warrior is using Stomp on some enemies, the new system allow him to “chain” another skill, let’s say Shield Bash for example, without any delay throughout the battle. Just take a moment and imagine the possibilities of this…!

For the end, i kept a few words of Jon Peters, the man himself, which, i think, describe perfectly what ArenaNet is up to:

“I like to say that GW2 controls like an MMO and has abilities like a MOBA (tools that you can use in diverse ways to adapt to changing situations), but its physical interactions are like an FPS (dodging projectiles, attacking from out of range, etc.). We are really happy with the way we were able to blend these three styles of play—and hopefully you will be too.”

Read the rest of the blog post here, since there are definitely parts of it that we haven’t mentioned.

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