ArenaNet: Planet of the Grawl


Just a little while ago ArenaNet posted on their official blog an article presenting us the Grawl. Except from the 5 playable races Guild Wars 2 will feature a wide range of computer controlled minor races. The world of Tyria is going to be inhabited by a variety of species each with their own civilization and culture. The best part though is that these races won’t be just random npcs. They’ll actually live in this world, walking around their villages, doing their everyday jobs.

Although we have not yet prepared a full preview of the other minor races, which have already been presented by ArenaNet, we introduce you to our primitive lookalike friends, the Grawl:

“Grawl are humanoid ape-like creatures—slightly larger than the typical human—and are covered with long fur of various shades of grey. Because their faces and postures are definitely simian, charr scholars have theorized that the grawl are a debased form of human, or that the humans are a type of grawl uplifted by their gods.

Human researchers, on the other hand, point out the heavy, hunched shoulders of the grawl and the fact that they walk on their toes—both features of the charr—and posit a close kinship between the charr and the primitive grawl. Unlike the charr, however, the grawl run with a bounding, skipping gait that gives them sufficient altitude to see their targets at a distance, and they move with a sure-footed grace that gives them an advantage in their rocky territory.”

Read more of the official blog post here.

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