ArenaNet: Pre-Purchase Guild Wars 2

gw2logoArenaNet announced today that the pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2 begins on April 10th. We also took a glimpse of what’s inside the Collector’s Edition of the game and it’s Minimum System Requirements.

The game is going to be released in 3 editions:

1) A Digital Edition which is going to cost you $59.99
2) A Digital Deluxe which is going to cost you $79.99
3) A Collector’s Edition which is going to cost you $149.99

Whoever pre-purchases any of these 3 editions of the game will have access to all of the upcoming Beta Weekends, 3 days of head start when the servers are open and a Hero’s Band which includes various in game boosts.

You can learn more regarding all the latest info and pre-purchase the game on the already mentioned date by visiting the following page:

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