ArenaNet: Winds of Change – Part Three


ArenaNet has set out to surprise us once again by announcing, just yesterday, that today a new patch will bring the next chapter of Guild Wars Beyond. As a reminder, Guild Wars Beyond is a series of free content that ArenaNet releases from time to time in order to bridge the gap between the plot of Guild Wars and that of GUild Wars 2. Until now we had witnessed the events that took place during the War in Kryta, we had followed the footsteps of Keiran Thackeray in Hearts of the North and we had experienced first hand the changes in Cantha during the first two parts of Winds of Change.

So, the new content is the third and last part of Winds of Change. Our character is asked once again to follow Miku, an assassin that we first met during Hearts of the North, in her attempt to find her lost brother. Although the Afflicted are a thing of the past, danger still lingers. The Ministry of Purity has finally shown its true self, leading Cantha into chaos. What does the future of the continent of the Dragon Empire hold? What lies at the end of this thrilling piece of content?

“Winds of Change has been our largest free content expansion in Guild Wars to date, and this final chapter sees the addition of 9 new quests, exciting new rewards, and a number of hidden scenes for players to discover that flesh out the story.”

Visit the official page of Winds of Change and read yesterday’s blog post containing the progress of the story until now. Enter the spirit of the new update by trying out one of the Canthan costumes found in the NCsoft Store.


What do you think of Guild Wars Beyond up until now? Are you excited about the new content? Let us know by leaving a comment below or by posting in the related thread in our forum.

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