I, the Necromancer


I rised from my sweet nightmares and got up, full of dark energy, ready for a new night. I went to the bath and threw some water on my face, to wash away the sleepiness. I looked in the mirror and saw the Abyss in my black eyes. My long brunette hair seemed less in the reflection, as a sign of my real age, and the color of silver was now populating my beard.

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Analyzing Profession Elite Skills


The elite skills are the most powerful abilities of the professions in Guild Wars 2. They are a barometer, when used in battle. It is the strongest card of every profession and therefore, it should be balanced. Below we analyze the already known elite skills for each profession, however we are aware that there’s much more that hasn’t been announced yet.

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Meet the Races


Tyria, a world at constant war. 250 years have passed since the defeat of the Great Destroyer and the terror is still present. The elder dragons have awakened. An enemy, aeons old, that possesses the power to destroy entire continents.

There is still hope on the horizon though, as the races of Tyria unite against this common enemy.

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