Descent into Madness Part Three: Incarnate of Nightmares


The Devil’s Playground

The Queen’s Jubilee had a rocky start but the festivities soothed many souls to quell their worry for the time being. Despite Seraph recommendations, the Queen chose not to close the celebration due to the fact it would make the human race look weak. Now came the time of the Closing Ceremony and it wasn’t a time that would be risked with another surprise visit from the Aetherblades.

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Descent into Madness Part Two: Conformists


The Invasion

1326 AE, surges of people were pouring into the Black Citadel and Hoelbrak. These people were shaken, scared, and dared not to speak of what they saw nor what drove them from their homes. Whispers of Dredge and Flame Shaman working together was the only thing that the forces of Tyria could gather from the frightened refugees, and this was enough for them to be concerned.

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Descent into Madness


Scarlet’s Twisted Nightmare

The secondborn Sylvari named Ceara awoke from the Dream around 1304 AE. This newly stirred life set herself apart from the moment she set foot onto the earth of Tyria. Ceara displayed mass curiosity with the tiniest details and interworking parts of how everything worked together to create things from the waters of the Unending Sea to the ice capped mountains of the Far Shiverpeaks.

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Quaggan’s Arch


The year is 1328 AE. Location, Lion’s Arch.

The members of the Love And War [LAW] guild on the North America Blackgate server rallied at the Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint in the southern end of the ruined city. What originally had started as a joke between myself and a dear friend in the midst of a wave of insomnia that took place in the Heart of the Mists became an event.

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