Welcome to Guild Tech!

Sorry about the delay on posts everyone, it has been a hectic month for myself.

Today is all about skills.  Guild Wars has the most robust skill system out of any game I have played.  While you are only limited to 8 skills on your bar, you are able to combine any two classes together to create a seemingly infinite number of combinations. 

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Class Diversity


Welcome to Guild Tech!

Central to any RPG game is character creation.  Guild Wars is no different in this aspect.  In all my years of playing RPGs and MMOs, I have seen extremely restrictive systems and systems that are so diverse that it makes your head hurt with all the options you have available to you. 

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How To: Jade Quarry

Jade Quarry

Hello everyone!  Welcome Guild Tech!
Today is a tutorial on how to play Jade Quarry in Guild Wars 1.

First up, what is Jade Quarry?  

Most often it is referred to as JQ.  JQ is a pvp map where 8 players engage in combat to retrieve jade slabs from the 3 quarries located around the map.

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A Time for Heroes


Welcome to Guild Tech!  How was everyone’s SOPA strike day?  Did you get any of your homework done?

Today is a day of Heroes!  Well, not really, I just said it is to make this sound more epic.  So lets begin our discussion!

Heroes are a system that allows you to fill up vacant slots in your party with characters that you meet throughout the story. 

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Welcome to Guild Tech!

Today, I am going to talk about the Mission system in Guild Wars.  On a basic level, Missions are the same thing as dungeons as in any other MMO RPG within the past 8 years since World of Warcraft was released on the unsuspecting world.  But missions do something very different than traditional dungeons.

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