BWE1: Take a Good Look Around…


Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Dragon Season! As you all may know, the first beta weekend has come and gone, and we’ve seen a LOT to look forward to, from new maps, new toys, new progression, all the way to a NEW PROFESSION. Beta weekend number one was a blast, but rather than talk to you all about something you’ve already soaked in, I brought pictures.

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Unorthodox Builds: The Beginnering


Hello, dear adventurers, and welcome to Dragon Season! My name is Nic, but for future referrence you may refer to me as Ares, filthy-casual ranger beast of Yak’s bend….ahem. Introductions aside, today I want to talk with you all (WITH, not to. I like comments.) about the Uglies; the non-meta, off the wall and generally unaccepted by the masses type builds that simply are not used, and draw shame and slander unreservedly from the stalwart metatemplars and build nazis out there.

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