Basic guide to World vs World


I have spent a lot of time talking to people about World vs World lately, a lot of them veteran players, but also so many people who never set a foot inside this game mode (or did, but got scared away instantly). This article/guide (whatever) is specifically aimed to those newer players, so if you are looking for an in-depth guide on how to play World vs World as a more experienced player it’s probably not what you are searching for.

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Guild Wars 2: Current Events (Ley Line Energy, White Mantle bosses and snow?)


It’s snowing in Divinity’s Reach and it’s surroundings. It looks like snow at least, hundreds of Dandelion seeds hovering in the sky. But during the nights something changes, something strange appears, there in Queensdale, and it’s not the Lady of Shaemoor. You can even see it happening in Kessex Hills and Brisbane, the air is heavy with magic, hundreds, thousands of hovering orbs.

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