Non-Players With Character: Everyone’s Favorite Communist Moles


One of the most enduring (and annoying, to many people) races in Tyria is the dredge. Known for their talent for mining, technology, and burrowing everywhere they aren’t supposed to. The dredge are one of the most consistently antagonistic races in Tyria, only known for allying with one faction once. They have a long history that begins underground with the dwarves.

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Legends in Profile: Glint, Crystal Dragon Prophet


The Revenant’s elite specialization, the Herald, has been announced. And with it, we now know the final legend: Glint, the crystalline dragon, Protector of the Forgotten, and the one who created the Flameseeker Prophecies. She is likely the longest-lived creature on Tyria, predating the arrival of humans by several centuries. She has a long history, and is possibly the most legendary of all the Revenant legends.

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Legends in Profile: Shiro Tagachi


The final legend for the core Revenant has been revealed: Shiro Tagachi, the Betrayer, Scourge of Cantha, Plague-bringer, and Unleasher of the Jade Wind. His past is dark and storied, with centuries of suffering as his legacy. Yet, when his story began, he was just a human, an Imperial bodyguard.

Shiro Tagachi is from Cantha, the continent that lies far to the south of Tyria, across the Unending Ocean south of Orr and the Ring of Fire Islands.

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