Legends in Profile: Ventari


Ventari, centaur and advocate of peace, is the third revealed legend for the Revenant. The support and healing gameplay of the legend are a solid fit for Ventari’s legacy as a peacemaker.

Of the legends revealed so far, Ventari is certainly the one with the most visible effect on Tyria. Sylvari players for sure, as well as other players, have heard sylvari NPCs talk about Ventari and his tablet, which he left behind to guide those that would come after him, though he didn’t know an entire race would take his tenets to heart.

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Heart of Thorns: Beta the Second


I was fortunate enough to get a Portal to the Heart of Maguuma, so I was able to get in on the second closed beta test. I was curious to see how it differed from the first, especially since ArenaNet said a second outpost would be open this time around.

I made a Revenant again, because honestly, the only opportunity we get to play the class is during these tests, so I’ll gladly take it.

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