On the Brink of Something Verdant – Impressions from GW2:HoT Closed Beta


Tuesday 26th May saw ArenaNet host three blocks of roughly 2 hours each of closed beta sessions accepting possibly the greatest number of players in so far to test the first map, Verdant Brink. The premise for these sessions was “help us test the stability of our new PvE outpost-event content structure” and it was great to finally get a preview of the new “starter area” coming with the expansion.

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The Northerner Chronicles



Quick breathing – feet running lightly across the rocky trail coming down from the peaks – moonlight shining through snow-clad branches of the woods in Snowden Drifts. The worst part of the Shiverpeaks was behind him now; Frostgorge Sound and the frozen wastes, yet more imminent were his assailers. The wolves’ jaws snapped at his feet, seeking to pull him down so the pack could swarm him.

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