Pro League Finals Impressions


A week ago the first round of Pro League Finals took place. The teams participating were the top two European ones (Rank 55 Dragons and Vermillion) and the top two North American ones (The Abjured and Team PZ). Despite the technical difficulties that occurred during the event, following it on Twitch (alongside some friends on TS) was great fun!

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The Hidden Potential: Strongold Problems


Some people hate it, other love it. However, no matter your feelings towards the new sPvP mode, there’s no denying it is riddled with issues that hide its true potential.

I’ll outline several problems I find impactful enough to keep Stronghold back from achieving a higher competitive status. But before I go there, let me first talk about the things I consider Stronghold does right.

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sPvP Discussion: Map Mechanics


Ever since Stronghold was announced, I can’t help but think about the vital role map mechanics play in sPvP. The new game mode, even without being properly released, has already seen several changes to its mechanics that moved it away from the typical “Lord rush” meta. It’s this idea that made me wonder, what are the pros and cons of altering the map mechanics of the current maps, and what can they learn from their most recent Conquest map, Skyhammer?

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