Tengu – Surviving Time

“Jotun, mursaat, forgotten, seer, dwarf. Five against six. It seems so unfair. And, yet…” ~ Scholar Trueclaw

  • What are you going on about? Freyja asked.

   She was on her way to the Priory’s Library when the Scholar’s rambling caught her attention. The young charr raised her head and looked at Freyja.

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What money can buy


They say “money makes the world go round” and in MMOs it is definitely true! ‘Rewards’ and ‘gold’ are two words that you will hear more often in chat – as well as the perpetual question: how (or where) can I acquire this? Almost 3 years after launch, Guild Wars 2 nowadays features thirteen (13) types of currency units striving for a slot in our wallet.

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