Eat, Drink, Kill – A guide on Nourishments


One of the most underestimated and neglected aspects of the game are the nourishments, i.e. those consumables that grand their… consumer with certain boons (or buffs). Players often do not think of them as much or, suprisingly, even ignore their existence. It is, however, not a hyperbole to state that one way you can separate the pros from the wannabes is by looking at their boons for the presence of the two nourishment icons.

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Clerics in GW2 – Part 2

With all the number crunching and theory crafting out of the way in the first part of this two-part series we can jump straight to the build here. I have used another armor set (Apothecary’s instead of Cleric’s), enhanced with different Runes (Monk’s instead of Dwayna’s). Similarly, the trinkets are also dissimilar; both changes aim to compensate for some weaknesses the Elementalist has as compared to the Guardian.

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