Tilion’s Liebster Award


A couple of days ago Paeroka nominated me for the Liebster award. Being someone that does not tend to talk about himself that much, I wasn’t sure enough at first if I should take on the challenge. Then I gave in to the idea though cause… I think it’s fun! I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know some random things about me and I can’t wait to see the answers my nominees will come up with.

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Seeds of Truth


Another episode is done folks. This time around it was Seeds of Truth. I got to say that I was really impressed with this one. More specifically, I’ll talk about how well-oriented the narrative in this episode is, the role the characters have and what made its gameplay stand out in my mind.

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New to Guild Wars 2


I keep getting lots of questions from new players lately: “How to do this? Why should I go with that?”. With the number of newcomers increasing more and more as we approach the release of the game’s first expansion pack, I decided to put together a list of helpful tips that may assist all these rookie adventurers in one way or the other.

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Tangled Paths


Yesterday I completed Tangled Paths, the sixth consecutive episode of the second season of Living World. Being a rather short episode itself, I don’t expect this post to turn out long enough either. This fact though, makes it worthy of discussion and raises the question of whether or not some releases should be monetized.

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