Competition – The Spirit of Wintersday


Ho ho ho, and a very merry Wintersday to all!

The bells of Wintersday are chiming, and orphans all over Divinity’s Reach are looking forward to receiving gifts from Toymaster Tixx and generous heroes… even if these gifts contain ugly wool clothing! As for us heroes, we have a wealth of activities to enjoy, from trying out our musical talents in the Bell Choir, to “friendly” games of Snowball Mayhem, to the icy Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, to gleeful smashing in Toypocalypse.

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Daily Achievement Points To The Max!


I’ve finally achieved it (for the second time). I’ve capped out my daily achievement points! Just in time for the release of Heart of Thorns. What follows is a brief rundown of my achievement points, how I rose up (and then fell down, and then rose up again) the achievement point leaderboards, the rewards I’ve earned and why I like them, and why I’m super happy to have finally maxed it out.

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