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The purpose of this guide is to help you get the ‘Major in Achievement’, which is the meta-achievement for the ‘Back To School’ release. It is a step-by-step walkthrough, similar to the one I posted for the (original) Super Adventure Box back in April. I should give you a fair warning though: it will take you time and dedication and perseverance to get these 13 achievements! But the rewards are worth it: 66 precious achievement points, the Title of “Honors in Applied Jumping” and a fancy Storm Wizard’s Backpack Cover (special 8-bit edition)!

My walkthrough, like the previous one, is a kind of anthology –a rearrangement, if you like- of the guides created by All credit goes to her. What I have done here is plot a route through World 2, using dulfy’s guides as stepping stones. The route is unique and original; the shoes are borrowed 🙂

I have tried my best to make this as fast and easy as I could. Everything is done in Infantile mode -except for the Academic achievement- and I hope you’ll have a fun time going through it! Let’s not waste any more precious moments then. Here’s a list of all  achievements featured in this release; in brackets is the number of achievement points rewarded for each. Marked with a cross are the ones presented in detail in this guide.

World 2 – Overall arc

†      Academic (10) – Finish all zones (1, 2, 3) [EDIT: in normal mode]

†      Baby’s Second Super Adventure (1) – complete W2 in infantile mode

†      Major in Enhancement (5) – Collect all 10 item upgrades in W2

World 2 – Zone 1

Associate of Baubles (5) – Collect every Bauble in z1

Associate of Secrets (5) – Find every hidden room in z1

†      It was An Ambush (5) – Survive the raft ride in z1

†      Tiptoe (5) – Complete z1 without angering the hillbillies

World 2 – Zone 2

Bachelor of Baubles (5) – Collect every Bauble in z2

Bachelor of Secrets (5) – Find every hidden room in z2

Become the Master (5) – Defeat all Assassins in z2

†      Wings of Justice (5) – Take the z2 shortcut

World 2- Zone 3

Master of Baubles (5) – Collect every Bauble in z3

Master of Secrets (5) – Find every hidden room in z3

†      Professional Ice Skater (5) – Complete z3 without being frozen by a banana

World 3 – Zone 1 (teaser)

†      Super Adventure Secret (5) – Speak with the Genie of the Box in W3-z1

†      Special Instruction (5) – Follow the Genie’s instructions


First off, use my guide for the (original) SAB to get the Bauble Purse from zone 3 of World 1, which allows you to carry 500 Baubles at any one time. It’s also a good idea to buy the Whip from there as well, which I found to be very useful against the assassins of World 2.

j5xaFarm World 1 zones 1 & 2 and put 8 stacks of Baubles aside. Do *not* convert them into Bauble Bubbles! As a last safety measure buy 9 health pots (max) -e.g. from the first shop in zone 1 of World 1- and as many Continue Coins as you can afford. These can be bought from Moto himself, outside the SAB, at a rate of 5 coins per Bauble Bubble.

NOTE: I usually pickup around 400 Baubles with my first toon (i.e. first run for the day) from the first two zones of World 1, within 15 minutes. Subsequent runs get substantially less Baubles from the same zones, but in no way less than 300 each. You can use this as a measure of how many runs or how much time it will take you to collect those 8 stacks I mention above.

Get 2 of these stacks with you (that’s 500 Baubles) and enter World 2. Select Infantile Mode in zone 1 and begin your adventure.



Use the clouds to travel directly to the end of the zone.

Try to survive the raft ride – don’t worry if you don’t, you’ll have a second chance later! I found the best way to defeat the pesky assassins is to stand near the center back of the raft and hit them with my Whip as soon as they appear. Once stunned I quickly kill them with my trusty Pointy Stick.

Right before the final boss there is a shop. Enter and buy the Nice Scoop for 325 Baubles.

Upon exiting the shop, notice the Hillbillies to your left. Careful not to aggro them, get the invisibility power-up from the nearby barrel and run past them.

Defeat the end-boss and loot the chest.

This should give you ‘Tiptoe’ Completed – also ‘It was an Ambush’ Completed, if you survived the raft ride.


Once you find yourself at the start of zone 2, get the Slingshot for 225 Baubles and exit to the Hub.

Visit your bank to stash up on Baubles again. You will need at least 400 Baubles this time.

Now enter zone 2, Infantile Mode again, and proceed in the same cloudy way. You don’t have to fight any assassins – you can very well outrun all of them at this point.

Just past checkpoint #4 you will encounter the Master Assassin. To progress you must defeat him, so do your best. He drops the (skill) Glove of Wisdom which you shall need to continue your path.

Now it’s time for a little backtracking. Return to checkpoint 3 – it’s the one overlooking the platform with the four little swimming pools and another with 2 trampolines.

cuu8Once there turn around and travel in the right direction again (i.e. where you just came from). Climb up the zig-zag hill side and when you come to the first rainbow turn right – do not climb it! Before you stands a flower launch pad. Head there but do not use it! It throws you off in the wrong direction. Instead walk past it and stand on the flat area below it. Across from you you can see a rather big cloud. To get there you need to perform a super long jump, which can only be done by running forward and pressing ‘V’ and ‘spacebar’ simultaneously. This is known as a ‘dodge jump’ – and it does take you places! Hurry off the cloud as it evaporates and you find yourself facing the reason you had to get the Glove of Wisdom before coming here. Now follow these instructions (quoted from dulfy‘s excellent guide) to get into the hidden shop and buy the Chain Sticks for 400 Baubles:

“This is sold by a hidden shop under the pagoda with the gong. The fastest way is to take the shortcut eagle in World 2 Zone 2 and make it to the very end (just stay around the head of the eagle and when you hear wings flap move away from the head and move back when the bees from behind pass). Once you make it to the very end of the shortcut eagle, it will place you on a wooden structure that holds the bell. Jump off and die and this will port you to the checkpoint just after the gong pagoda.”

Dulfy also put up a nice little video clip, detailing the process.

Riding the eagle also rewards you with the ‘Wings of Justice’ achievement!

Make a stop as soon as you cross checkpoint #7. Follow dulfy‘s instructions again (jump to section ‘Checkpoint 7-8’) to get to Hidden Room #8 and learn the song to open gates.

Finally, travel to the end of this zone to defeat the end-boss and loot the chest.

Exit to the Hub again and visit your bank to fill up on Baubles once more. You will need 2 full stacks this time.


Proceed with caution here, using the clouds again, until you reach the first shop in zone 3. It is not hidden and you cannot miss it.

Use 400 of your Baubles to purchase the Torch.

Exit to the Hub again and refuel, completely.

Rush to the same shop again and get the valuable Bauble Tote Bag. It costs an arm and a leg (i.e. the entire contents of your purse: 500 Baubles!) but it’s worth its price in… well, Baubles.

Exit to the Hub one final time and fill up your newly acquired Tote Bag with 750 Baubles (i.e. 3 stacks).

Re-enter zone 3 and right at the start get the Wooden Whistle (for 250 Baubles) & the Medium Health Bottle (for another 300).

Time for relaxed cloud-hopping now, until we pass the checkpoint after the two cow’s puzzle – that’s hard to forget I bet! Quoting dulfy‘s instructions again to get our hands on Moto’s Finger:

NOTE: we must have learned the song to open gates (in Hidden Room #8 of zone 2) and have in your possession both the Wooden Whistle & the Torch!

“Jump from the infantile cloud to the wooden bridge below and proceed to the pillar with the frozen waterfall. Go through it with your torch and then look for clouds on your right (zoom in if you can’t see the clouds). These clouds will take you to the hidden area with Moto’s Finger. Don’t jump to them yet! Instead, take the clouds to the left and these will take you to checkpoint nearby as you will need it to run back quickly.

If there you see two different paths of clouds, take the left path. You will arrive at the final trio of clouds before a wall and will need to play 332331 (play 3 while jumping to the first cloud to allow it to channel, and then play 3 again before jumping to the second cloud. On the second cloud play 23 and then jump to third cloud to play 31. If done correctly the wall should open and you will need to hop in quickly before the cloud disappears.”

All that’s left now is to defeat the end-boss of this zone to claim the Health Vessel (which adds one more ‘heart’ to your health bar) and two more achievements: ‘Baby’s Second Super Adventure’ (i.e. World 2 completion in Infantile Mode), and ‘Major in Enhancement’ (i.e. all item upgrades of World 2 acquired)! There’s one additional achievement to acquire if we are careful throughout this zone: the ‘Professional Ice Skater’ which requires us to avoid being frozen -not just hit, but frozen- by the evil bananas.


After this last fight we find ourselves in the Hub and access to World 3 has been granted. Enter it, select either normal or infantile mode (it doesn’t really make any difference here) and navigate carelessly until you come to the big room with the rock pillars. Talk to the Genie there and listen carefully to what it has to say. Note down the secret code (the last two letters are in New Krytan and spell BA). Follow the instructions and watch the crazy cinematic. For your loyalty (or is it foolishness?) you are rewarded with two more achievements: ‘Super Adventure Secret’ and ‘Special Instruction’!


I know it all sounds complicated and expensive – and it’s both, quite frankly. But I honestly believe that this is the fastest way to get the easiest of the 13 achievements we need for the meta-achievement. All in all we have acquired so far:

† Baby’s Second Super Adventure (1)

† Major in Enhancement (5)

† It was An Ambush (5)

† Tiptoe (5)

† Wings of Justice (5)

† Professional Ice Skater (5)

† Super Adventure Secret (5)

† Special Instruction (5)

Total: 36/81 achievement points and 8/13 feats.

Our options for the remaining 5 achievements to our goal of 13 involve doing the three zones of World 2 in normal mode, collecting all Baubles in these zones, discovering all hidden rooms there and killing all the Assassins in zone 2. I leave it to you to select which way to go about it. Personally I did the three zones in normal mode (basically you just run to the final battle, avoiding every mob and trap), got all Baubles and Secrets of zone 1 (can be done in one run, simultaneously) and got all Baubles from zone 2 while also killing all the Assassins; this last feat took me almost two hours! Note that discovering the hidden rooms in zone 2 is quite fast and easy to do in infantile mode, if you just do it separately from other achievements.

For reference and guidance I give you links to the respective guides put together by

World 2 – Zone 1

Associate of Baubles (5) – Collect every Bauble in z1

Associate of Secrets (5) – Find every hidden room in z1

World 2 – Zone 2

Bachelor of Baubles (5) – Collect every Bauble in z2

Bachelor of Secrets (5) –  Find every hidden room in z2

Become the Master (5) – Defeat all Assassins in z2

World 2 – Zone 3

Master of Baubles (5) – Collect every Bauble in z3 – EDIT: it is currently reported as ‘bugged’.

Master of Secrets (5) –  Find every hidden room in z3

Thank you for reading this far. I would appreciate your comments and any tips which could make this any easier!

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