BWE1: Take a Good Look Around…


Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Dragon Season! As you all may know, the first beta weekend has come and gone, and we’ve seen a LOT to look forward to, from new maps, new toys, new progression, all the way to a NEW PROFESSION. Beta weekend number one was a blast, but rather than talk to you all about something you’ve already soaked in, I brought pictures.

Girth. This map has it.

This is what we had to work with. Surprised? That’s right, it’s a BIG map. Verdant Brink dwarfs Silverwastes and Dry Top HORIZONTALLY, but…

Oh yeah. The pact fleet is here too....kind of.

…the VERTICAL is what I wanted to hear about. You can go UP, and you can go DOWN. While this map isn’t a straight up and down tower, there are plenty of hard to reach places to find. A good portion of those vines are climbable, and make good jumping off points for gliding.


Aaaah…gliding. Where have you been the past three years? Gliding is seamless when you have a decent connection, and you’ll want to do it ALL THE TIME. For the record, I died multiple times trying to jump off and glide in places that were NOT the beta area.

Sorry buddy, important hero stuff to do. You've got this!

Perhaps the best thing about gliding, aside from getting those hard to reach spots, is not having to slog your way past the hordes of enemies waiting to eat you. Don’t worry about the Pact soldier, he’s got this…


THIS, is a Breacher. These guys are big and mean, with lots of cascading AOE, and plenty of reinforcements. They’re “object bosses” like Tequatl and the Shatterer, but the real struggle comes from the hired help.

Your very own brand new camel! Watch out, they spit.

When I said “hired help”, what I meant was “regurgitated help”. Breachers hock up plenty of mordrem to keep you and your friends busy while you try to hack it to bits.

I always thought cliffside ruins were classy.

Get past the breachers, and you get to see this!

I love this picture more every time I look at it.

And this…

Yes, I jumped off afterwards. Who do you think I am?

This is the same area as the last two, seen from a bit higher. Picturesque, yes, but stay focused. There are plenty of things to kill (you) here as well.

Here boy, look at the stick! You want the stick? You DO? GO GET IT.

Look at the size o’ this beauty! You’re not going to wrestle him, but the “Arrowhead” will roll you and your friends. Get it? Gator? Death roll? They do that…

"Hot" as in literally, now, that's the ticket. They're burning up!

Remember that cutscene? Yeah, the pact fleet isn’t doing so hot.

We've got fun and games.

Welcome to the jungle.

List of things that don't want to eat you in verdant brink: Trees...grass...Hylek. I think.

Verdant brink is a very beautiful place…if you can find the time to stop and look around, just know you’re doing alright.

That darn cat...

ALSO, it IS hard to find the time. Night cycle is candy for screenshots, but do take notice of the red circle. Pause in any one place for too long, and they will find you.

*looks down* Oh dear.
What ever you do, don’t look down.

In closing, I really hope to see you all there. It’s a fun place, but much better with friends and allies. Something to keep in mind, though, is that it takes teamwork! No matter what class I played, I always felt like I was walking on the knife’s edge. One screwup can mean you’re a greasy spot on the jungle floor, and taking too long on one enemy or kiting them around leads you to more enemies, which will gladly join in the fun;   It’s an adventurer’s paradise.

See you, jungle cowboy.
See you soon!

5 thoughts on “BWE1: Take a Good Look Around…

  1. Quite possibly THE most beautiful map in the game and surely the deadliest! I’ve never felt so underpowered and outnumbered so far in PvE, never felt that the only way to travel (safely) is with company. Anet did a great job in making the jungle feel as hazardous and maze-like as a jungle ought to be!

    Your article couldn’t depict this any better. Loved it!

    1. Haven’t felt as underpowered or outnumbered since the first time I stepped into Orr. If you ever felt like you’re dancing on the fine line between different enemies’ aggro ranges before now, you haven’t seen anything yet!

      Necessary movie reference; that first few minutes in Avatar where Jake Sully is utterly alone in the jungle…at night. Got that feeling the whole time. EVERYTHING is watching you, waiting to jump out.

  2. Excellent screenshots! You’ve really captured the beauty and deadliness of Verdant Brink. I love the final shot, with everyone gliding. Can’t wait to do that as a guild!

    1. Right? I found Streiste’s post to be very unique in terms of presentation.

      Those pictures are plain gorgeous…

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