Canthan New Year Event

Canthan New Year

The ‘Canthan New Year Event’ is one of the so-called ‘special events’ that ArenaNet organizes every now and then to celebrate some… event, which usually relates to a specific (national) holiday. In our particular case this event is the celebration of the New Year’s Eve in the continent of Cantha, where the Canthan Calendar is used. Symbolically, this occasion co-relates to the Chinese New Year’s Eve which this year was in January, 23. Due to… severe weather conditions, however, this event was postponed and will be held from 2/2/2012 to 2/6/2012.


Fantastic. And why should I be interested?

Because it is fun! Alright, seriously now, because like any other event in Guild Wars this one also comprises by a number of unique and varied activites, which reward with special and some times valuable presents. In this particular case, one can have a go at:

  • Games (repeatable mini-games) in the Shing Jea Boardwalk : Rings of FortuneNine RingsDragon Nest. Every participant must acquire a Festival Ticket , by either paying 15 gold to Sunri (NPC) or winning it in one of the games themselves.
  • Racing games… for beetles! In the famed Rollerbeetle Racing Arena you are transformed to a beetle and are given relative skills, with the goal of beating your opponents – by any mean in your disposal Fair or not. First place earns you points (Gamer Title points), 7 tokens and Balthazar faction points. Places 2-7 only earn gamer points & tokens.
  • PvP Arena : Dragon Arena is open to the war-happy. The trick here,too, is that you are given special skills – and special rules! The rewards include again Lunar Tokens and Balthazar faction points.
  • Τhe Big Feast – or the Grand Finale, as it is widely known. More on this later though.

Besides the entertainment one can enjoy from these activites, there is also profit for those who like to get paid for having fun! For the persistently PvE players, like myself, ArenaNet provides a good number of repeatable quests. These are short in duration and share the same, give or take, rewards as the aforementioned mini-games. Except the Balthazar faction points of course, which are always reserved for ΡνΡ content.

The center of all celebrations is the Shing Jea Monastery, in Cantha

Alright, I’m in! Where-when-how?

When: from Thursday, 2/2/2012, 12:00 (noon GMT-8) through Monday 2/6/2012, 12:00 (noon GMT-8).

 The center of all celebrations is the Shing Jea Monastery, in Cantha – hence it requires you to own the  Factions campaign. However, many of the activities, albeit not all of them, take place in other major cities of the world of Tyria: in Lions Arch (Prophecies/Core campaign) & in Kamadan (Nightfall campaign).

How: the minigames require a ticket. You can either buy it or acquire it as part of the rewards. Tip: for fast and easy profit (which includes tickets) play RockPaperScissors versus Lucky Hochei in Lions Arch. To do the quests you are required to be level 5 at minimum and have access to Shing Jea Island, as that’s where they only take place. The same goes for the Grand Finale, which is the highlight of all celebrations!


Τhe Grand Finale (or ‘The Great Feast’)

On Sunday, 2/5/2012 from 08:01 (GMT-8) through Monday, 2/6/2012 at 08:01 (GMT-8), in the Shing Jea Monastery the celebrated Celestial being will make its appearance; this year it will be none other than the Celestial Dragon. Its appearance will re-occur every 3 hours, precicely. Five (5) Imperial Chefs have been assigned with the responsibility to prepare one dish each for the Celestial Dragon:


If the Celestial Being departs satisfied with the offerings, then every player in the specific district will be handsomely rewarded! Note that if you prepare as much as one dish, you will receive a marvellous Lion Mask for the ending ceremony! The rewards go straight into your inventory, so make sure you keep it clean and spacey!

On the other hand, should the Celestial Being depart disappointed (which translates to ‘hungry’) then all the players in the given district will suffer the consequences: they will temporarily be transformed into tiny, cute but completely incompetent drakes!!!

Imperial Chef Yan
Imperial Chef Reun
Imperial Chef Jiong
Imperial Chef Chen
(Main Course)
Imperial Chef Tian
Iridescent Griffon Wing
Tangled Seed
Fiery Crest
Smoking Remains
Alpine Seed
Guardian Moss
Celestial Essence
Dragon Root
Archaic Kappa Shell
Mantis Pincer
Kraken Eye
Naga Hide
Igneous Spider Leg
Ebon Spider Leg
Bonesnap Shell
Azure Crest
Unctuous Remains
Ebon Spider Web
Half-Eaten Blob
Azure Remains
Icy Lodestone

So let’s cut to the chase and see what we have to do to quench the divine stomach.

Each dish requires 4 or 5 incredients: the first 3 (dishes) require four, while the Main Course and the Dessert five. The Chefs will prepare the dishes only if the players, that’s us, make sure they have the incredients they need. As you can see in the table above, these are scattered around all the continents of Tyria! To gather them in such quantities that will allow many dishes to be prepared (remember that the Dragon will re-appear every 3 hours for an entire day) is a very time-consuming ordeal. There are, of course, a couple of things we can do to ensure efficiency:

  1. Participation in the ‘Canthan New Year Finale event’ is scheduled well ahead and requires cooperation among many guilds. A list is compiled of all the districts where the coordinated effort of these guilds & alliances will focus to achieve the common goal. The list for our event can be found here.
  2. Each guild assigns to each members (depending to their capabilities and the campaigns they have access to) the task to gather some of the materials. Taking into consideration the fact that loot is divided equally among all members of a party, to increase the number of collected incredients it’s imperative to form parties with human players and not Heroes.
  3. In collaboration with the alliance (see #1) it is decided which dishes each guild will participate in. It is best, however, for the sake of preserving some sort of autonomy (i.e. no guild finds itself completely unable have even one dish prepared by itself…) to have it’s members collect all the incredients for at least one dish.
  4. There are some materials that are dropped from mobs that can be found in the same area. It makes sense then to organize raids of the vanquish type in these areas! I have done some research regarding the incredients required for each dish and I have compiled this table. Download it and, by using the filters in each column select the area of interest and see which mobs you need to farm! Tip: the Ring of Fire mission and the Nahpui Quarters mission are two places that ‘contain’ plenty of interesting mobs, hence good drop rate.



The Canthan New Year Event is the first major event in which I will participate in full force! I like the variety of its activities, I like the gifts and rewards (Lunar Tokens and Lunar Fortunes, in particular – which if you are lucky may yield even a miniature celestial dragon!) but mainy I love the fact that this event is a first class opportunity for cooperation between the members of a guild and a whole alliance too. I hope to see everyone there!!!

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