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It’s been a few weeks since our last competition (Heart of Thorns Screenshot Competition, with fantastic entries), so it’s high time we held another. We’re keeping with the theme of screenshots, but this time, we’ll be providing the screenshot, and we want you to come up with a suitably amusing caption for it.

To give you more choice and more inspiration, we have two screenshots below. Choose one or both of them, and give it a caption! A single sentence, the more humorous, the better! Reply with a comment below this post, saying which image you are using, and giving us your caption. We will have one winner for each image (so two winners total). You can caption both images if you want, but you can only win once! The judges will vote on their favourite entries, and the two winners will each receive a grey Guild Wars 2 Logo T-Shirt (size L or XL – please say which you would prefer).

The first image:

The second image:
The contest will run for one week (closing Friday July 10th, 3pm UK time) and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards, once the Dragon Season staff have chosen their favourite captions. Everyone is eligible to participate as long as they have an active address for us to send the prize to (we ship worldwide so no one is excluded here!). We have the right to delete any comment containing offensive material.

Good luck everyone, and have fun!

14 thoughts on “Caption Competition

  1. White smoke has risen from the chapel of Dragon Season!

    Our winners are matchamoose for providing a caption for the first image and pancakesontherock for the second.

    We had so much fun going through all the entries that took us quite a while to come up with the actual number 1’s. All of them are really great.

    So, thanks again to everyone for participating. We hope you all had fun and of course keep an eye open for more contests to come. 🙂

  2. Our contest is now over. Thank you all for participating!
    Hope you all had fun coming up with your lines. We know we did, reading them. 😀

    We’ll announce our winners in the upcoming days.
    Until then, may you all have a great time in Tyria.

  3. Picture 1: when you fall off the map at the opposite end of edge of the mists in the middle of a good train
    Picture 2: Quaggan 1: I don’t know man, what if we’re not as cute as everyone says we are?
    Quaggan 2: Of course we are you fool, now look extra sad and innocent for this screenshot!
    Size L

  4. First image: “Stop calling me Benjamin Button!”

    Second image:
    Quaggan 1: *sings* “And at last I see the liiiight, and it’s like the fog has lifted…!”
    Quaggan 2: “Not now, Foobaloo!”

    Size L, please!

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