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The Silverwastes is the most recently added map in the game. It was added with the Nov, 4 2014 patch (the first part; the map was completed with the release of the ‘Point of No Return’ episode, in Jan 13, 2015) and is very different in design philosophy than the rest in the game. I shall not speak more of it but will let Tilion’s enthusiastic article fill the picture instead! Beyond the area’s mood and fight mechanics that Chris describes, there’s also one more attraction for players: two new armor sets, called Carapace & Luminescent.

In this article I shall try to uncover the mystery that surrounds the acquisition of these two sets, which have been introduced in the game with the aforementioned patches. A first -visual- contact with them can be had by approaching the NPCs standing a few steps further away from the Camp Resolve waypoint. The mechant who trades in Bandit Crests wears the Carapace armor while the 3 ones standing to his left exhibit the 3 versions of the Luminescent armor. Many guildies often wonder -and ask me, for some reason…- regarding the way(s) one may acquire these two sets. Well, let me try to explain the process involved, as simply as I possibly can. Let’s start!

There’s one thing that needs to be clear before we even begin: Carapace armor comprises of 6 pieces (rare, level 80) with selectable stats (among Berserker, Carrion, Cleric, Dire, Rampager & Shaman) -i.e. it is an actual armor-, while the Luminescent set, on the other hand, only comprises of skins! In other words, when I describe later on the way in which you can acquire a certain part of the Carapace armor I am referring to the actual gear itself, while when I talk about some Luminescent ‘piece’ I am only referring to its skin.

Now that we made this difference clear, let us look at the three basic steps involved in the acquisition of any ‘piece’ of the Luminescent armor set, e.g. the body piece.

  • we acquire all 3 respective pieces of the Carapace armor, one of each quality. In our example, the Carapace Vestments (light), Carapace Jerkin (medium) & Carapace Breastplate (heavy)
  • we acquire the appropriate ‘organ’ from each of the 4 Mordremoth’s champions (through the ‘Breach’ events) – in our example, the Kidneys
  • we acquire the 3 appropriate special items – in our example, the Luminescent Belt, the Imbued Skull & Caithe’s Remorse

Another thing to underline here: we do not need to carry around these 10 items in our inventory! Upon acquisition each of them it is automatically added to the respective collection (Basic Collection), allowing us to get rid of it -sell it- immediately afterwards. In the example at hand, once the final item has been added to the respective Collection we will be awarded with the Luminescent Coat‘ achievement. Our reward for this achievement is the Luminescent Coat Skin; double-clicking it unlocks for us all 3 skins for the Luminescent body piece! It does sound like a good and fair bargain, doesn’t it? Yes – to a point. Do not think for one second that the process is that simple and devoid of farming. A hefty dose of it, sadly. The reason is none other than the Bandit Crests required.

Let’s start our hunt with the Carapace armor pieces.

Carapace Armor

Shoulders → Hidden Arcana completion (episode: Echoes of the Past)… [r/p]

Gloves → Tangled Path episode meta-achievement [reward: The Master of Peace’s Bequest]… [p]

Leggings → No Refuge completion (episode: Seeds of Truth)… [r/p]

Boots → Ambassador’s Aid achievement (Silverwastes) [reward: Boot Requisition Order]… [p]

Body → Mordrem Vinewrath chest (Vinewrath Tangle meta-event)… [r]

Head → The Mystery Cave completion (episode: Point of no Return)… [r/p]

  • r = repeatable, on another character (toon)
  • p = purchase-able, from the Bandit Crest vendors, for 1g+1,000 Bandit Crests

Note: Body piece is the only piece which cannot be purchased!

What this list tells us is that in order to acquire all 3 qualities (light/medium/heavy) of a certain piece -except the Body piece!- we need to complete the Living Story at least once, in order to gain access to the respective achievements and also to be able to purchase items from the Bandit Crest vendors. Additionally, we will have to farm for the Body piece (we need the Body chest 3 times!) since there’s no other way of acquiring it.

Once we get our hands on all the pieces we can move on to the ‘crafting’ of the respective Luminescent skin.

Luminescent Armor (skin)

As I have already pointed out, each Luminescent skin requires the acquisition of 10 items. Generally speaking, these are:

Collection items

  1. Mordrem Teragriff [part] – see the following table
  2. Mordrem Husk [part] – see the following table
  3. Mordrem Troll [part] – see the following table
  4. Mordrem Thrasher [part] – see the following table
  5. respective Carapace armor piece (light)
  6. respective Carapace armor piece (medium)
  7. respective Carapace armor piece (heavy)
  8. special item #1
  9. special item #2
  10. special item #3

DS_Lumin_CoatCollectionDepending now on the armor piece skin we wish to ‘craft’, we must collect/unlock the following ‘special items’ (1-4 & 8-10 in the list above):

Extracted Mordrem Parts

  Extracted Parts Tendon Fang Spleen Bladder Eye Kidney
Extraction Device   Experimental  Tendon  Fang  Spleen  Bladder  Eye  Kidney
Teragriff   Extracted Part  Tendon  Fang  Spleen  Bladder (pieces)  Eye  Kidney
Husk   Extracted Part  Tendon  Fang  Spleen  Bladder (pieces)  Eye  Kidney
Troll   Extracted Part  Tendon  Fang  Spleen  Bladder (pieces)  Eye  Kidney
Thrashers   Extracted Part  Tendon  Fang  Spleen  Bladder (pieces)  Eye  Kidney
armor skin 
 Shoulders  Gloves  Boots  Leggings  Helm  Coat
  Special Items Luminescent Strap(1)  Luminescent Glove Lining(1)  Luminescent Laces(1) Luminescent Seams(1)  Luminescent Chinstrap(1)  Luminescent Belt(1)
Imbued Firefly Luminescence(2) Illuminated Truffle(3) Imbued Beetle Shell(4) Glowing Venom Sac(5) Radiant Dragonfly Wings(6) Imbued Skull(7)
Caithe’s Blossom(8) Plague Signet(9) Wynne’s Locket(10) Verata’s Seared Ring(11) Jurah’s Jewel(12) Caithe’s Remorse(13)

 (“see Chris, a TABLE!!!” – to the reader: I apologize, it’s an internal joke ^^)

Special Items Acquisition

(1) Perseverance boon (3stacks min) – talk to a Shilverwastes quartermaster

(2) Firefly Luminesence (dynamic event, Warden Annwyn, Village of Astorea, Caledon Forest), a bit north along the way from [&BDQBAAA=] – interact with an underground pollen cloud (inside a Breach)

(3) Matlal Enchanted Pig Truffle (heart NPC, Matlal, Eukaryan Caves, Kessex Hills), just north of [&BAoAAAA=] – interact with an underground pollen cloud (inside a Breach)

(4) Beetle Remains (event, Dry Top), east of [&BJcHAAA=] on the sandhill – interact with an underground pollen cloud (inside a Breach)

(5) Powerful Venom Sac – T6 fine material – interact with an underground pollen cloud (inside a Breach)

(6) Dragonfly-Wing Earrings (heart NPC, Cook Huelic, Michoan Marsh, Metrica Province), east of [&BLEEAAA=] – interact w/ an underground pollen cloud (inside a Breach)

(7) Large Skull – rare material – interact with an underground pollen cloud (inside a Breach)

(8) Echoes of the Past Mastery achievement

(9) Tangled Paths Mastery achievement

(10) Seeds of Truth Mastery achievement

(11) Seeds of Truth completed (any character), can be bought from 5 quartermasters for 10g+1,000 Bandit Crests

(12) Point of No Return completed (any character), can be bought from 5 quartermasters for 10g+1,000 Bandit Crests OR 30 laurels from NPCs

(13) Point of No Return Mastery achievement OR 40laurels+50 ectos OR 10g+1,000 Bandit Crests

Put as simply as possible:

  1. We complete the achievements of all instances, of all episodes so that we receive the Mastery (meta)achievements & rewards. This way we acquire 5/6 Carapace amor items & skins (i.e. all of them, besides the Body piece) AND also Special Items (8)-(10) & (13). Note that we will only receive one quality (selectable) of each piece and we will need to purchace the other two.
  2. We complete the world boss event Mordrem Winewrath in order to receive the Carapace body piece (item & skin). Note that we will need to do this more than once -at least three times!- since it’s a random drop and we need 3 chests to unlock all three qualities (light/medium/heavy).
  3. When it’s time to “enter the fray”, i.e. a Breach event:

    a) we use a ‘Mordrem <organ> Extraction Device, BEFORE we slay the boss therein! (its effect lasts for 3 hours). This way we will extract the respective ‘organ’ (see table above). Note that the ‘Experimental Mordrem Extraction Device’ extracts a random organ from the slain boss, something that does not suit our needs very well.

    b) we make sure to carry along in our inventory the items required to create the Special Items (2)-(7).

  4. When the time comes to craft the Luminescent Leggings & Helm we must purchase items (11) & (12) from the table above (1,000 Bandit Crests each).
  5. The 6 “Luminescent” items (1) require ‘Perseverance’ which is gained by doing events in the Silverwastes (3 events for each item).

Three Tips for the end:

  • ‘Special Items’ (2)-(7) may be acquired even during the same ‘Breach’ event, as long as we have on us all the required items and interact multiple times with the Underground Pollen Cloud.
  • The 6 ‘Luminescent’ items (1) may be acquired easily even during the same ‘Foothold’ event: we pick a camp and take part in all the events taking part in and around it. Every time we complete (successfully!) 3 events we can hurry to the Quartermaster and exchange our 3 stacks of ‘Perseverance’ with one of the ‘Luminescent’ items. Furthermore, there is no need to remember or write down which items we have already acquired, as the next time we attempt a trade-in the NPC will only present us with the list of those we’re still missing! Way to go ArenaNet, it’s little details like these that make us love you so.
  • When after the numerous body parts, take note of the following: the Champion Mordrem Beekeeper (bottom/south lane) produces “Troll” parts, the Champion Mordrem Mangler (middle lane) produces “Thrasher” parts, and the Champion Mordrem Dark Wing (top/north lane) produces “Teragriff” parts. This way you can get 2 organs extracted in each event chain run, one from the Breach you take part in and one from your lane’s Champion. Just remember to re-equip (use) your Extractor before you enter the Champion fight!

DS_Lumin_UnlockThat’s all from me folks. I hope I meet you in the Silverwastes, boasting your shiny and glorious Luminescent armors! If you have any questions-complaints-corrections, the space below this article is yours for the taking 🙂

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  1. I added one more Tip , regarding the laborous collection of the Mordrem organs. Especially the bladders… gah!

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Is this still active to go after? Is this something non-dungeon runners can complete? I have a group of folks that have come back to the game and we would like to try.


    1. Hey you!

      Yeah, of course. The Silverwastes is a new addition to the world map, meaning it’s open world content you can experience anytime you want.

      To reach the map just head west of Brisban Wildlands via Fort Vandal.

      P.S. Welcome back to Tyria. 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      I realize it’s too much work for anyone, especially if they don’t care about the skin(s). However, there are also the 60 Achievement Points to consider 😉

  3. Being so many months away from the game, this is exactly what I needed.

    Extremely well-detailed guide. Thanks a lot Nick!

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