Daily Achievement Points To The Max!


I’ve finally achieved it (for the second time). I’ve capped out my daily achievement points! Just in time for the release of Heart of Thorns. What follows is a brief rundown of my achievement points, how I rose up (and then fell down, and then rose up again) the achievement point leaderboards, the rewards I’ve earned and why I like them, and why I’m super happy to have finally maxed it out.

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sPvP: A Battle of Minds


The arrival of the new sPvP gamemode Stronghold has raised a lot of complaints all of which come down to the same words: “Stronghold is PvE”. Is this accurate?

PvP means Player versus Player. Literally, Stronghold is not as “PvP-heavy” as Conquest because Player versus Player situations aren’t forced. Let me explain a bit what makes Stronghold different from Conquest as a type of PvP.

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