Northerner Lore: Rata Novus leading to Primordus?


Following on from my lore feature on the Maguuma jungle and exploring the Heart of Thorns, the conclusion to the storyline has me thinking which Elder Dragon might be the next. If you have completed the storyline in Heart of Thorns expansion to Guild Wars 2 or don’t mind me spoiling a few story lines as I delve into speculation and lore, please read on about a few theories I have concocted on which dragon we just might encounter next.

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Legends in Profile: Glint, Crystal Dragon Prophet


The Revenant’s elite specialization, the Herald, has been announced. And with it, we now know the final legend: Glint, the crystalline dragon, Protector of the Forgotten, and the one who created the Flameseeker Prophecies. She is likely the longest-lived creature on Tyria, predating the arrival of humans by several centuries. She has a long history, and is possibly the most legendary of all the Revenant legends.

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