Non-Players With Character: Everyone’s Favorite Communist Moles


One of the most enduring (and annoying, to many people) races in Tyria is the dredge. Known for their talent for mining, technology, and burrowing everywhere they aren’t supposed to. The dredge are one of the most consistently antagonistic races in Tyria, only known for allying with one faction once. They have a long history that begins underground with the dwarves.

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Legends in Profile: Ventari


Ventari, centaur and advocate of peace, is the third revealed legend for the Revenant. The support and healing gameplay of the legend are a solid fit for Ventari’s legacy as a peacemaker.

Of the legends revealed so far, Ventari is certainly the one with the most visible effect on Tyria. Sylvari players for sure, as well as other players, have heard sylvari NPCs talk about Ventari and his tablet, which he left behind to guide those that would come after him, though he didn’t know an entire race would take his tenets to heart.

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Tilion’s Liebster Award


A couple of days ago Paeroka nominated me for the Liebster award. Being someone that does not tend to talk about himself that much, I wasn’t sure enough at first if I should take on the challenge. Then I gave in to the idea though cause… I think it’s fun! I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know some random things about me and I can’t wait to see the answers my nominees will come up with.

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