Tilion’s Liebster Award


A couple of days ago Paeroka nominated me for the Liebster award. Being someone that does not tend to talk about himself that much, I wasn’t sure enough at first if I should take on the challenge. Then I gave in to the idea though cause… I think it’s fun! I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know some random things about me and I can’t wait to see the answers my nominees will come up with.

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Revenant – Love it or hate it?

Banner_Grand Asura

When ArenaNet first revealed their upcoming expansion “Heart of Thorns”, there were several things that got me excited. The Revenant was not part of that. It felt “odd” and “out of place” to me and something just did not catch my interest at all. However, for the sake of this article, I read more about this profession and the more I did so and the more I heard people talk about the profession, the more I have grown to like it.

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Goodbye Guild Wars 2 (Updated)


I’d like to keep this announcement short.

That is, most of all, because I’m the kind of person that tends to get rather emotional when the time comes for farewells.

Dragon Season’s staff came together a couple of days ago to discuss our future plans. The decision was mutual. We resolved to move the guild back to Guild Wars 1 and repurpose our fan site so that it caters more to the needs of those that deal with the first title of the franchise.

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