You can now pre-purchase Heart of Thorns


Pre-purchases are now open for the first expansion of Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns. You can get it digitally by visiting the official site.

The game comes in three versions, each one of which provides you with different goodies. All of them though give you access to every Beta Session that’s planned to take place from here on after till the release of the expansion, the core game for those that don’t have it already and an extra character slot.

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Impressions of the Dragonhunter


Recently announced is the second official elite specialization, the Dragonhunter (not Dragon Hunter) for Guardians. I’m pretty excited about it, as someone whose main character (well, tied with Elementalist) is a guardian. Let me tell you why.

Virtues! Actually, I’m a little lukewarm about the changes to the virtues. Sure, being able to leap with Wings of Resolve or throw a Spear of Justice is pretty cool and more powerful than the current virtue activations.

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Revenant Week


Over the past few days ArenaNet released lots of information regarding the ninth proffession to be included in Guild Wars 2, the Revenant. Today I’d like to do a little summary of what you need to go through in order to be all caught up with the latest news.

Roy Cronacher, a game designer at the development studio, wrote a blog post describing the main aspects of the new profession.

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