Revenant Week


Over the past few days ArenaNet released lots of information regarding the ninth proffession to be included in Guild Wars 2, the Revenant. Today I’d like to do a little summary of what you need to go through in order to be all caught up with the latest news.

Roy Cronacher, a game designer at the development studio, wrote a blog post describing the main aspects of the new profession.

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Future Politics


Hello folks!

It’s been long and of course I know that you’ve not missed me at all. Even though this has been a rough week for me and these news may show up kinda late over here, I cannot abandon my duty, simply due to always being faithful at your service.

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The real deal


I’d like to trade these magic crystals
with just a proper, working heart
One that tracks the winds that call me
and guides me straight towards my past

The flying haven of the ‘Zephyr Sanctum’ has landed, bringing along some exceptional goodies for Tyria’s inhabitants. This release has been entitled by the community as the best patch ever, and, reasonably speaking, who am I to disagree?

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Smash the Dragon


The tradition of the Dragon Festival originates back in the era of Guild Wars 1. It was a time where people used to worship Dragons, be it by organizing spectacular activities or by bringing to life marvelous spectacles. So magnificent the whole custom was, that everyone throughout Tyria could be heard discussing about it.

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