Making a stand


I would say that players can be rather demanding from time to time when it comes to asking for additional content. Especially, when you have to do with an MMO title that does not follow the traditional subscription-based model. Isn’t it a bit odd when a developer shows up saying, “Well, you see, we can provide you with a free content update each month”.

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What lies in Southsun?


Ever since the players set foot on Southsun Cove back in November 2012, they were amazed by its beautiful sceneries. The inhabitants of the island, the fearsome Karka, have made a name for themselves, be it either with their peculiar appearance or with their pretty annoying, yet challenging, skillset. One thing was for sure though, this tropical paradise was lacking of a very important factor, content.

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The time has come


“The time has come to avenge those who lost their lives, to lead their spirits back home. It is the time to hunt those blindfolded beasts down, back to their nest. We shall chase each and every last one of them! We shall spit over their lifeless boiling bodies for Retribution!”

April has come and gone, waving us goodbye with yet another Guild Wars 2 release.

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Sweet Jokes


Ever since the glorious times of the original Guild Wars, ArenaNet had laid the foundations for a very sweet tradition. April Fools’ had always been a day to look forward to, a day full of unique in-game interactions to bury yourself into. This time around you can expect an 8-bit 3D world, fully implemented inside Guild Wars 2.

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A brand new world


I remember a discussion I had once, on whether or not MMOs are able to feel alive. Imagine a World that changes around you. A World that introduces you, every other day that goes by, to new adventures, new stories to lose yourself into. A brand new World.

Well, such a dream is about to go live tomorrow, along with a list of brand new features to pick from.

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