BWE1: Take a Good Look Around…


Hello, dear readers, and welcome to Dragon Season! As you all may know, the first beta weekend has come and gone, and we’ve seen a LOT to look forward to, from new maps, new toys, new progression, all the way to a NEW PROFESSION. Beta weekend number one was a blast, but rather than talk to you all about something you’ve already soaked in, I brought pictures.

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Beta Weekend Event Thoughts And Feedback Part 1


The first Beta Weekend Event (BWE1) has come and gone, and like pretty much everyone else, I played as much of it as possible. I tried out the new and improved revenant profession, as well as the elite specialisation of the necromancer – the reaper. I explored Verdant Brink as much as possible with both the revenant and the reaper, and dabbled in the new PvP mode Stronghold with my elementalist.

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