Betas or Previews of the Expansion


This week I was lucky enough to take part in the first Closed Beta for Heart of Thorns, the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion. Today, I’m here to share my impressions with you, talk a bit about the time I spent in game with the game’s director Colin Johanson himself and ask the question on whether or not these sessions deserve to be part of the development process.

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On the Brink of Something Verdant – Impressions from GW2:HoT Closed Beta


Tuesday 26th May saw ArenaNet host three blocks of roughly 2 hours each of closed beta sessions accepting possibly the greatest number of players in so far to test the first map, Verdant Brink. The premise for these sessions was “help us test the stability of our new PvE outpost-event content structure” and it was great to finally get a preview of the new “starter area” coming with the expansion.

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Heart of Thorns: Beta the Second


I was fortunate enough to get a Portal to the Heart of Maguuma, so I was able to get in on the second closed beta test. I was curious to see how it differed from the first, especially since ArenaNet said a second outpost would be open this time around.

I made a Revenant again, because honestly, the only opportunity we get to play the class is during these tests, so I’ll gladly take it.

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