Pro League Finals Impressions


A week ago the first round of Pro League Finals took place. The teams participating were the top two European ones (Rank 55 Dragons and Vermillion) and the top two North American ones (The Abjured and Team PZ). Despite the technical difficulties that occurred during the event, following it on Twitch (alongside some friends on TS) was great fun!

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Seeds of Truth


Another episode is done folks. This time around it was Seeds of Truth. I got to say that I was really impressed with this one. More specifically, I’ll talk about how well-oriented the narrative in this episode is, the role the characters have and what made its gameplay stand out in my mind.

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Tangled Paths


Yesterday I completed Tangled Paths, the sixth consecutive episode of the second season of Living World. Being a rather short episode itself, I don’t expect this post to turn out long enough either. This fact though, makes it worthy of discussion and raises the question of whether or not some releases should be monetized.

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