Tangled Paths


Yesterday I completed Tangled Paths, the sixth consecutive episode of the second season of Living World. Being a rather short episode itself, I don’t expect this post to turn out long enough either. This fact though, makes it worthy of discussion and raises the question of whether or not some releases should be monetized.

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Exploring the Silverwastes


You know how I’ve been away since last September. Ever since, the game has been growing on a steady pace with lots of permanent content added into it. Now that I can finally spend some time in Tyria again I thought of writing about everything that I missed. The original plan was to pave the road to “Heart of Thorns” with reviews of the living story episodes that lead to it, but then I came across this new addition to the world map called “The Silverwastes”.

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Professions: Thief


« Excuse me, did this belong to you? »

Five days had already gone by since our journey begun in Lions Arch

They found me in a tavern in Smugglers Watch, where I’d been spending my days looking for opportunities like this one. The place was usually packed with corsairs, as was the greatest part of the city, making it ideal for adventurers such as myself to find a job.

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Professions: Elementalist


« Fire, Air, Earth and Water. I can deal death with any of them. »

When ArenaNet developers sat down on the Round Table of Musings, in the legendary Brainstorming Chamber, to discuss which of the first game’s professions would be returning in GW2, spirits soon flared up. Blood started boiling, objects getting hurled in all directions but at very specific targets, words – not necessarily in some recorded or even human language- uttered bombastly and all security personnel was set in red alert.

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