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The 2nd Feature Patch, gone live on September 11, 2014, introduced Collections, among other things. These are ArenaNet’s way of rewarding both old and new players for their dedication, persistence and methodicality in their playstyle. Almost anything that finds its way to your pockets, should you turn it ‘account bound’ it will earn you Achievement Points (APs). From armor and weapon skins, either dropped, purchased or crafted, to junk loot and spoons (yes, spoons!) – everything counts towards one Collector category or another!

In this article I will present a different approach to earning those APs. My guide is based exclusively on’s amazing guide. What I have done with it is to categorize the various items across all collections based on the area (map) they are found. This way one can conviniently pick any one specific map and make a very fast and profitable tour through it! Let’s see how it works then, shall we?

Overall there are 3 main categories in the Collections tab: Basic, Rare, and Black Lion Collections.

The latter are the hardest and most expensive to complete, as they require you to unlock full sets of a specific Weapon skin, with each set containing either 16 or 19 skins. Each skin is acquired by trading in 1, 3, 5 or 7 Black Lion Claim Tickets, each of them equivalent to 10 Ticket Scraps. As an example, the complete Fused Weapons set (16 skins) costs 16*7*10=1120 Ticket Scraps, while the complete Chaos Weapons set (19 skins) costs 19*5*10=950 Ticket Scraps. Taking under consideration the drop chance of these Scraps from Black Lion Chests (15-20%), you can safely bet you will never complete even ONE of these collections. Sadly, it’s a monumental money pit.

The other two main categories consist of a multitude of sub-divisions, as can be seen on dulfy’s table of contents. I shall use that table as a reference to provide a general description about each sub-division and what it involves.

1.1 [Basic] Scavenging

Everything here is about collecting dropped items or buying them from various vendors around the world, either for gold or karma. Most of these items are account bound on acquisition while some others must be consumed to have them added in the respective collection.

  • Note that three of them are still (Nov, 2014) bugged, namely 1.1.2 (Brewmaster), 1.1.4 (Fine Wining) and 1.1.5 (Hero of the People). Additionally, two of the consumables required for the ‘Fine Dining’ Collection (1.1.3) cannot be found yet anywhere in the game.

EDIT: following the patch/release of ‘Seeds of Truth’ episode (Dec 2, 2014) the ‘Brewmaster’ (1.1.2) and ‘Fine Wining’ (1.1.4) collections have been fixed. Only the ‘Hero of the People’ (1.1.5) collection remains bugged. The excel workbook has been updated.

1.2 [Basic] Themed Weapon Collections

Each of the 5 collections here must first be unlocked by acquiring and ‘using’ a unique dropped item. Said item is a masterwork quality (i.e. green) junk item, dropped by any mob of the named category. For example, any grawl, found anywhere in Tyria, may drop the ‘Grawl Paw’ that unlocks the respective Collection.

After you unlock a Collection you will either need to purchase all the crafting recipes from a specific NPC or discover the recipes yourself. It is worth noting that for the ‘Hylek Historian’ weapons you will need to purchase Sun Beads from Cuadinti, in Sparkfly Fen. You shall need a total of 25200 karma for the 1200 Sun Beads required for the completed collection.

1.3 [Basic] Crafting

As the name suggests, everything here is about crafting specific items – armor pieces, to be precice. From Alpha Crafter to Exotic Attire, you need to craft progressively higher quality armor pieces. Again, see either dulfy’s post or my excel sheet to see what you need to make.

1.4 [Basic] Dungeon Collections

Here you need to unlock all weapon and armor skins from each dungeon in the game (37 per dungeon). There are two ways this can be accomplished:

a) using dungeon tokens, or

b) randomly getting them through PvP chests, contained in some Achievement Points chests

The only dependable method is the first one, of course. However, especially if you are a long-time player, you may find you already have some skins unlocked in your collections (through (b) above) so check there before you go spending your precious tokens!

Rare Collections

The ‘Rare Collections’ main category is a mixture of (a) crafting really expensive items (armor and weapons), either through the crafting disciplines or via the Mystic Forge and (b) acquiring items that either drop from mobs/chests at the end of certain events or mini-dungeons, or can be purchased from vendors around the world. Again, you can find information and specifics for each sub-category in my excel worksheet or dulfy’s page.


It’s a fairly straightforward process actually. I’ll give an example and a few notes below and I believe you will be able to take it from there.

Step #1: pick an Area to explore

I’ll take Queensdale, an all around favorite (albeit I’m a norn at heart ^^).

Use the little black downward-pointing arrow in cell ‘C1’ to filter the table.

Step #2: plot your path

In column ‘E’ you can usually find a link to the waypoint closest to your target. Copy-paste it in the game’s chat window to see where you should go. Do this for each link in this column if you wish to minimize the travelling expenses!

  • Tip: you can make things even easier if you filter the table further per waypoint! This way you will see what you can do at each place and won’t have to visit twice. Example: filter column ‘E’ by picking the first wp link off the list ([&BEQDAAA=]). You will see that there’s a ‘Trash Collector’ and a ‘Koutalophile’ item to be acquired there.

Step #3: time for spending

In column ‘B’ you can see the item you need to acquire and in column ‘D’ you will find detailed information regarding the way this can be done.

Let me guide you through Queensdale then to make everything absolutely clear!

We see 17 lines on our screen, spanning 8 different Collections.

Trash Collector is all about killing mobs and collecting junk drops, like talons, hairy legs and other disgusting body parts. Look at column ‘E’ and you can usually find a waypoint link there. Copy-paste it in the game chat window and it will give you the place to go farming for them. Note that there might be other locations where you can get a specific junk drop, as each depends on specific mob (type) and area level. So before you go hunting for a ‘Mangled Talon’ for example, take a look at the respective Collection tab first!

Brewmaster is about collecting ales and other strong beverages. Note that you do have to drink them as well! Currently (Nov., 2014) there’s just one obstacle in the way of completing this category – and I’m not talking about having a weak stomach! The ‘Stein of Golden Ale’ is not sold by Brother Vince as it should (out of stock?) and also there have been difficulties in acquiring a ‘Bottle of Spider Brew’. Apparently spiders are not easily brewed…

Next up is a ‘Fine Dining’ collection item: the ‘Seared Beef Steak’. You need to purchase that from Cattleman Curtis and consume it. I know, I know… I prefer it medium rare too. Anyway, doing so will also unlock the whole category if this is the very first item you acquire in it.

Koutalophile (a Greek word, meaning ‘friend of spoons’!) requires you to collect a ‘Measuring Spoon’ from Farmer Eda. One glance at column ‘E’ again, copy-paste and off you go.

Uncanny Canner has you looking for a ‘Jar of Bees’. Fiona Hasting will happily provide you with one as long as you help her [Defend the beehives from hungry bears]. That’s a dynamic event you have you successfully complete for her to turn into a merchant.

The two ‘Treasure Hunter’ collectibles are acquired very differently. The ‘Wurm Tooth’ is a purchasable item (from Farmer Diah) but the ‘Mark of the Tamini’ must be created by interacting with the skillpoint mentioned in column ‘D’ while having a Superior Rune of Scavenging in your inventory! Weird stuff.

This leaves us with the two dungeon related collectibles. To acquire the ‘Magnificent Nobleman’s Chest’ you have to complete the Caudecus’s Manor Collector category first! This means you have to unlock all 37 skins from that dungeon. Once you do you will be rewarded with said chest – and the respective Dungeon collection achievement. Inside it you will find, among other shinies, the ascended accessory ‘DeLana’s Coinpurse’ which, in turn, counts towards the completion of the other dungeon-related category (Dungeoneer). I hope this all makes sense 🙂


Happy hunting fellow adventurers!

  • You can download my guide here.



  1. Enchanted Key: this is a special item which can only be acquired by combining (stitching together?) its four parts. Each part can be found (at random) in chests scattered around Tyria. More speficically:
  2. When an item’s description reads (random) drop or its ‘Area’ reads , you may usually buy it from the Trading Post (TP). Check there if you feel you can spend some money to save you some trouble.
  3. If you’re headed to a specific city for whatever purpose, remember there are things that can be done in any of the 6 cities! Filter the table by (column ‘C’: ) to make better use of your time in one of them!
  4. Same goes for the 3 areas that make up Orr: if your’re headed to the Straits of Devastation for example, to pursue any of the collectibles there, do not forget to check (‘Area’:) these places too!
  5. Some sub-categories are unlocked by a specific item so it’s a good idea to start with those or at least make a note of them:

7 thoughts on “Collection Achievement Points – A Guide

  1. Addendum: the game’s first expansion (Heart of Thorns) added a LOT of new collections! For example, the Basic Collections category used to comprise of 25 collections; it now boasts a jaw-dropping total of 68 !!! New categories have been added as well, such as Legendary Crafting.

    However, to the best of my knowledge, the ones described in this article remain unaffected – hence my article is lie-proof :p

    I believe people expect of me a new article now, about all the new Collections added… Right? 😉

    1. You specifically… insinuated it, yes :p

      It is a massive undertaking. The number of collections has gone through the roof! I’ll see what I can do 😉

  2. Just a quick tip: an easy(ish) way to get two 20-slot bags for your farming needs is to complete the ‘Uncanny Canner’ (Basic) and ‘Bandit Weapons Specialist’ (Basic) Collections. The first one is pretty cheap: you spend some karma and only a few silver, for the 2 items you’ll have to buy off the TP. The latter is a bit more expensive, especially for new players: 17.2 gold, 900 Bandit Crests and 2.508 Badges of Honor. Alternatively you can buy (all but two) from the Karma Vendor in WvW instead of spending Badges. Your call 🙂

  3. NOTE: since the introduction of Collections, subsequent game releases added more collections. I will update both the article and my excel datafile. Promise 🙂

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