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Hot on the heels of our previous competitions, we follow up with our next to hand out all the nice loot ArenaNet sent our way. You might still recall Name Our Baby Dragon and recently Memories of the Past – visit the links to check out the winners. You may even have taken a stab at our lore trivia in our Lore Quiz; did you get all your answers right?

We have now taken a look back at our heritage, where all of you came from and relived some of your greatest memories from days past in both Guild Wars and presently Guild Wars 2. But we know where we’re going, the thick Maguuma jungle awaits with all its mysteries and the greatest threat to life on Tyria at the moment. However, now it’s your time to put on your visionary goggles and let your fantasy run wild and don’t feel restrained by the list of already announced features for Heart of Thorns. This competition thus requires some wild speculation, and the sky’s the limit of what we will get as we enter the Heart of Thorns – be it encounters, places, systems or mechanics.

We want to hear what you think, so just post your comment below with one theory of a previously, undisclosed feature that will surprise us all as the expansion launches.

The Lucky winner will get a Heart of Thorns XL-size T-shirt, and the runner-up contribution will get a Heart of Thorns lanyard.

The contest will run for a week’s time (closing Wednesday June 10th, 1pm UTC) and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards when the Dragon Season jury has reviewed your great theories. Everyone is eligible to participate as long as they have an active address for us to send the prize to (we ship worldwide so no one is excluded here!). We have the right to delete any comment containing offensive material.

Good luck and have fun!

20 thoughts on “Competition – Glimpses of the Future

  1. And here are our winners!

    First Place:
    Second Place: Toff and Retro

    As you can see after the Jury’s vote we ended up with two people in the second place so we’ll send both of you guys a Lanyard each. 🙂

    Congrats to all of you. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible via email to let us know of your personal info so that we can send you your prize.

    Thanks a lot to everyone for participating.
    Hope you had fun.

    See you at the next contest!

    1. Woo! I’m super excited THANKS, YOU ALL ROCK! I am really looking forward to getting that Tee! 🙂

  2. The contest is now over.

    Any entries posted from here on after won’t be taken under consideration.

    We will announce the winners once the voting of the jury has been completed.

    Thank you for participating.
    Hope everyone had fun. 🙂

  3. I’m really hoping for the expansion to be roughly the same size as the original GW2 game, taking out the 3 starter zones perhaps.

    Maguuma as a region itself is about 1/3 of the size of the entire original GW2 map, but some of Maguuma is already uncovered so that leaves us with the layers of depth already mentioned (canopy, Jungle floor, caves as a minimum) but there is scope for making it bigger and expanding at the edges towards the deserts / wastes to the North.

    With the new class features, what I am really hoping for is some traditional mechanics to be included so that it is possible to taunt mobs like a tank, heal well enough to act like it’s your job and mix it up with the new progression paths – boss battle using gliders, anybody? 🙂

    As for the rest of it, I’d like to see this as an opportunity to do something special and unique with guild halls / housing. It would be something very special to be able to build a modular Guild hall, with no real structure limit other than overall size, where the guild master can use resources to build additional rooms in a number of styles related to the different races and introduce useful facilities and NPC’s as they see fit.

    This would work quite nicely with fractal dimensions.

    The GM could then assign quarters to guild members who could decorate them as they see fit. This would also lead to a great opportunity to introduce decorations via the store / achievements system and the possibility to introduce dungeon and WvW / GvG trophies that could also be used as decoration. Yes, it would take some effort and some programming – but how awesome would it be?! This could also lead to guild quests to gather building materials / unlock more building space through some kinds of challenges, they could be really fun!

    An additional feature that I will keep banging on about forever until I get it is Polymock! As well as other potential side activities that are more socially competitive than violence-based, plenty of scope to introduce card games for instance!

    Am I dreaming? Yes! Do I expect any of this? Well, the bit about more dynamics using more specialised roles and progression paths, yes! I fear the rest of my dream is pie in the sky! 🙂

    1. Lots of great suggestions in there, Alistair! Nothing wrong with dreaming and pushing the boundaries, hopefully Anet pay attention and fulfil some of those dreams 🙂 They sure are capable of doing it as long as it’s on the table! 😉

  4. I too think that unlimited gathering tools would be one of the secret feature as well as mounts (you said sky is the limit right ;D), some sort of flying machine Asuras have been planning for a while and Humans noticed that instead harnessing Dolyaks infront of carriages, they could saddle them and use them as rides! 😀 Also maybe some love for the Rangers and their pets, more interactions between them (like hugging your pet or that sort of thing ^^).

  5. One glimpse into the future of HoT? Concerning Lions Arch and the involvement of the omnipresent Consortium – I am sure it will become the new “Capitol” of Tyria. The ongoing building activities (much concrete!) and concept art speaks volumes. With compliments from Panem. 🙂 Bloody, spooky Consortium …

  6. “Let your fantasy run wild”, eh? Alright.

    Guild Halls are actually the first step of a larger concept, meant to introduce players to the tools they will later use to generate content themselves. Similar to EVE Online’s concept of Null Sec (though no where near as competitive), beyond the “settled” areas of Tyria (the theme park-style zones) are wide expanses of wilderness where players can occupy land, creating private homes or even create dungeons that other players can venture into and rate via a public finder.

    The end result is that large, empty expanses like the Crystal Desert would quickly be populated with tiny player-created desert outposts and dungeons. These spaces would exist separate and distinct from the zones utilized by the Living Story and future expansions.

    Basically, a sandbox MMO in the desolate areas between the theme-park ones.

    1. Oh, player generated content and housing based on the tools we may get with guild halls… this would be awesome!

  7. The Heart of Thorns is no doubt going to be an expansion size expansion. Maguuma Waste is just the tip of the iceberg, so expect the story to progress to going to the Isle of Janthir or to Magus Falls to find a way for the Sylvari to break free of Mordremoth’s hold.

    Let’s not give up on the Sylvari yet. They’ll be the key to saving all of Tyria. #believe

    1. You said some magic words up there… Magus Falls and Isle of Janthir.

      I love you.

      P.S. Stay tuned 😉

  8. Well, this may be a tad far fetched. But as you all well know (or at least I hope you do… *SPOILER ALERT*) at the conclusion of the first personal story we “defeated” Zhaitan and watched as he fell into the fog below. However as we later learned in the subsequent exploration paths of the Arah dungeon, this was not the first time the dragons were defeated.
    We don’t actually know that Zaitan is dead. We also cannot assume that the elder dragons are aligned in any way. Many sylvari, awoke with a drive to fight the undead dragon and the minions of Zhaitan never hesitated to attack the new born sylvari.

    Therefore, I postulate that we may see (and possibly take part in) an epic battle between elder dragons. A fight the likes of which tyria has never seen before! (Or at the very least we will use the minions of one dragon against another in some way)

    I hope this wasn’t too long or too vague lol

    1. No contribution is too long or too vague, no right or wrong answers here so keep ’em coming, I’m having a blast reading through all your suggestions! 🙂

  9. Ok, I don’t know where this post will end so first I have to say sorry if this post will be too long:
    Heart of Thornes will let us meet some old known characters. There is Malyck for example, a Sylvari who doesn’t descend from our well known Pale Tree. You had the chance to meet him in the personal story of the Sylvaris. I think we will see his home town or better his home tree and I hope that Malyck will not try to attack us. It would be a really sad story.

    An other possible location which we could visit is the cave where Ronan found the seed of the Pale Tree. Maybe this cave is Mordremoth’s home and we gonna defeat him there.

    An important point of the whole story will be the meeting with Mursaat. They were big enemies in the past and I am not sure if we should trust them. I think that they will help us but after that everything is possible. So it could be possible that Mordremoth’s death will not be the end of the story in this addon. There is still the White Mantle and we don’t know how strong they are at the moment.

    That are just some smaller points. I hope my English is fine so you can understand what I talked about 🙂

    1. Definitely, great points in here and your English is just fine!
      Getting to see the cave where Ronan found the seeds would be a great joy for a lore nut like myself 🙂

  10. I think that we will see unlimited gathering tools added to the account wardrobe, and a streamlined automatic way to find a PUG for dungeons (along the same lines as unranked PvP). Also a one-time purchase to increase stack sizes in the bank.

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