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I am sure you are all aware by now that we are giving away some cool Heart of Thorns stuff! There’s already been two contests over the past few weeks which made 3 of our fans happy! Today we’re kicking off our 3rd one because, in all honesty, we want to thank you for your dedication in these hard times the GW2 communities are going through.

I hope everyone knows that I go completely bonkers over the Guild Wars lore, right?  (you know now!). Given that indisputable fact, one cannot expect any different from me than to suggest a few questions to test your knowledge in Tyrian history! I promise you, they are easy ones! You don’t have to be a Durmand Priory scholar to get them right. 😉

The winner gets a Heart of Thorns t-shirt. Size is XL only, so one might say this is an Extra Large prize… If you think you won’t look good in it, there are other uses we can suggest! Don’t be shy to ask; just get in touch with one of the members of our staff and we will be more than happy to give you a few good (or not) ideas on the matter.

The contest will run for 1 week (i.e. until May 29, 1pm UK/GMT) and the winner will be announced shortly after. Everyone is eligible to participate as long as they have an active address for us to send the prize to. The winner will be randomly drawn among those who answer correctly to all 5 questions. You need to be registered on our site in order to be able to participate.

Ready to start the quiz? Hit the button below.

5 thoughts on “Competition – Lore quiz!

  1. Hello all.

    This contest is now over.

    Before we announce the winner I’d like to give you the correct answers to the questions as well as explain something that was brought up.

    Question #1:
    “Place the following in the correct chronological order of appearance on Tyria – older to younger”
    We decided to take this one correct for everyone as it’s not absolutely clear whether or not the Gods predate the arrival of the Forgotten in Tyria. A user brought this to our attention so we wanted to give everyone a fair chance.

    Question #2:
    “Who planted the seed that sprouted to become The Pale Tree?”
    The correct answer is Ronan the Human.

    Question #3:
    “At the end of Season 2 of the Living Story and prior to the destruction of the Pact fleet, two of Destiny’s Edge members have gone missing. They are”
    The correct answer is Caithe & Rytlock.

    Question #4:
    “Everyone knows that there’s at least one more sylvari birth place (a second tree), right? RIGHT? Anyway, who is the source of this information?”
    The correct answer is Malyck, the Harbinger.

    Question #5:
    “What’s the name GW2 fans have given to the yet-unnamed and unrevealed ‘Deep Sea Dragon’?”
    The correct answer is Bubbles.

    So, out of 128 people that participated in the Quiz, 94 answered all of them correctly.

    From those, the random drawing declared dargon as our winner!
    Congratulations you. 🙂
    We’ll get in touch with you via email as soon as possible to let us know of your address so that we can send you your prize.

    As always, here’s the proof of the fair conduction of the drawing:

    Expect another contest next week, so in case you weren’t the winner of this one you may stand luckier next time.

    We hope everyone had fun with this.
    Thank you for participating.

  2. First question is bad. There is planet Tyria and continent of Tyria. It makes a difference especially because you ask for “first appearance”, not existence

    1. Think of it as planet Tyria.

      It’s all the same for the purpose of said question anyway. 🙂

    2. We only have “human records” recounting their arrival on Tyria -and a year for that- though it is unknown whether “this refers to the planet or the continent”. For the purpose of this quiz then, it is not important. Hence there is no need for me to clarify 😉

  3. To answer a few questions asked around the internet about the contest:

    1) The competition is international. You can participate no matter where you come from.

    2) Our staff is excluded from the random drawing.

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