Competition – Memories of the Past

Memories of the Past

As I’m sure you are aware, ArenaNet and NCSoft were kind enough to send us some pretty cool swag for you to win.  We decided to pave the road that leads to the expansion’s release with a series of activities that will hopefully make everyone have fun and enjoy themselves. After the warmup and success of our first competition (Name Our Baby Dragon – take a look to see the winner!), it’s time to get a little more involved.

Heart of Thorns is coming, with betas already happening. Speculation is currently running wild as to what elite specialisations professions are getting, and there’s a wealth of information that we have yet to uncover (Guild Halls, anyone?). It’s an exciting time to be a Guild Wars 2 fan. However, before we look forward, we at Dragon Season thought it would be interesting to first see where we’ve come from.

A couple of weeks ago (April 28th, to be exact), Guild Wars celebrated its 10th anniversary! That’s a huge milestone by any game’s standard. To honour this occasion, we’re hosting a competition for you to win the red Scarlet Briar t-shirt (size Large) and a Heart of Thorns lanyard. To enter, we would like you to tell us how you got into Guild Wars 1 or Guild Wars 2, and share with us your favourite memory (or memories!) from either game.

Maybe it’s an adventure with friends? Discovering a new location for the first time? Dominating in PvP? Being engrossed in the story? Perhaps even farming for titles? I remember when I first entered Kaineng City (in Guild Wars Factions) and being blown away by the artwork and design of the place (and the mobs in hard mode… ouch!).

Comment below with your memories of the past. We will randomly select a first and second place winner from all entries. First place will win the awesome red Scarlet Briar T-shirt, and second place will win the Heart of Thorns lanyard. Good luck everyone, and have fun!

The contest will be over in a week’s time (May 19, 3pm UK) and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Everyone is eligible to participate as long as they have an active address for us to send the prize to. We have the right to delete any comment containing offensive material.

32 thoughts on “Competition – Memories of the Past

  1. Thank you for participating in our “Memories of the Past” contest.
    All the stories that you guys shared with us are so touching. We are glad we could hear them from you.

    The winners of the random drawing are:
    1) GW2Lexy won the Scarlet Briar Living World T-Shirt
    2) Ironfeather won the Heart of Thorns lanyard

    Proof regarding the conduction of the procedure:

    We’ll get in touch with the winners shortly to let us know where to mail the prizes.

    Look out for more contests to come in the upcoming weeks!

    1. Congratulations to GW2Lexy and Ironfeather!

      Thank you everyone else for participating. It’s wonderful reading about other people’s experiences of GW1 and GW2. So many awesome memories!

    2. Thanks so much for having the giveaway, I can’t believe I was lucky enough to win the t-shirt. As I said to Tilion in my email, I’m kind of missing Scarlet now she’s gone so it will be great way to remember her.

      Grats to Ironfeather too, enjoy wearing your lanyard with pride. And thanks to everyone who shared a story, they were great to read.


  2. I’ve wanted to try out GW2 since it launched but wasn’t sure if I would like it (just buying the game and try it out would have been bit expensive, and I always seemed to miss the trial weekends). But then, few years back I saw it in Christmas sale and I thought to myself that now would be the time to try it out! and I love it, I have to say I quit Warcraft just to be able to play more GW2.

    I’ve been playing bit over a year now, just exploring Tyria on my on phase. One of the most memorable moments would be the on the personal story: The Battle of Claw Island (without giving out any spoilers in case someone haven’t done it) That part of the story had me in tears! <3

    I still have a lot to do and explore before the patch (maybe even try out some of the dungeons :D)

    1. I really like the Battle of Claw Island, especially the first time you play it. I can fully understand your emotions! You should definitely try out the dungeons, and if you’re on an EU server, I’m sure members from Dragon Season will be happy to help you out. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Yup, definitely!

      If you play on a European Server and need help with dungeons let us know.

      We love helping others. 🙂

    3. How could I forget about Claw Island? That is my absolute favorite personal story istance. I have a ton of alts, and I HAVE to take them at least up to that story point.

  3. I got into Guild Wars because hubby wanted a game to keep in touch with family and subscription fees were out of the question. I was suspicious at first, but ended up really enjoying it. And it worked better than expected in that regard.

    There are many great memories from Guild Wars for me, but my favorite memory from Guild Wars (1) is probably our first time in Post-Searing Ascalon just newly exploring the area, when hubby (playing a Ranger at the time) went chasing after a creature after screaming something along the lines of “Look! There’s a tail! Gotta see/catch the creature!” We followed his lead…. and found out it was a hydra! The flames came down, and our party wiped! Turns out, this foreshadowed the craziness that would follow… both in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. We barely made it through Prophecies’ end boss (Lich) the first time through, 3-manned Urgoz’ Warren (and more insanity!) and in GW2 we 3-manned Ascalon Catacombs story mode (before they nerfed the lovers and took out res-rushing)… I expect more insanity (and great fun!) with the coming expansion 🙂

    1. You 3-manned Urgoz’ Warren? Madness! But congratulations at the same time ^^ Thanks for entering!

  4. Nearly 2 years ago, I was looking forward for news on Phantasy Star Online 2, and I was so excited for it I even got a new computer in advance (All I had was an old laptop that could barely run any game). I was set on NOT trying any MMO, since PSO2 was going to be the one.

    It turned out that a friend of mine told me of a free weekend trial. I was in a lowish point in my life with too much free time, so I decided to give it a try; maybe it could be a nice distraction while I got myself up from the depression I was in.

    I made an elementalist named Aster, because I tend to prefer magic in games. I also got in contact with my friend, who helped me get into his guild. One of the things I love about MMOs is just exploring the world, and do every quest possible. Being rewarded for actually exploring was a big draw for me, and I liked how events were handled. I also got to find myself in the wrong places as Scarlet decided to invade the maps I was exploring.

    It didn’t take too long for me to decide to purchase the game and become a permanent citizen of Tyria. It took even less time for me to turn Aster into something less squishy since I was too overwhelmed by all the elementalist’s available options.

    I had a lot of fond memories aiming for World Completion. Sometimes I forgot about them and ended up jumping to random events, which in the end helped me complete more of the map.
    I remember helping retake every centaur camp in Harathi Hinterlands just because I wanted the last skill point hidden in the farthest camp up north. And then there was this sense of accomplishment of completing Jumping Puzzles without the help of a mesmer.

    I’m looking forward to make new memories in Heart of Thorns!

    1. It is nice to hear that GW2 helped you get past a difficult point in your life. 🙂

      As for the exploration let me just tell you that you are playing the game the right way.

    2. Thank you for your story! Exploration is great fun in GW2, and the fact it rewards you (like you said) is a big bonus.

  5. Hmm, my first experience with Guild Wars. It must have been like at the time when Guild Wars 2 had been announced alongside the Eye of the North and I was on an internet cafe with my playing friends some Medal of Honor matches. At the time I had just stopped playing LotRO and I was really looking out for any good MMO and I almost got into Lineage 2 again, and then in the MMO games section I saw a game called Guild Wars.

    At first i thought it was free but then I saw that you needed a copy of the game to play. I searched it for a bit on Google and found the recently announced GW2 trailer, the First Trailer as it was called with Zhaitan starring at me in the eye before rising with Orr. And I was like: I am gonna have to be checking this game out for sure, and I kept reading the blogposts that came out etc. and about 6 months before GW2 launched I bought GW and its extra campaigns and played it before getting into GW2.

    As for the best memory, ah there are so many, and most of them if not all have something to do with Dragon Season since I have been with the guild almost since the beginning. One memory is being accepted in the guild since I had found them before launch and read they were going to use Aurora Glade as the home server and I was so happy when i joined. And then again who could forget our crazy adventures in SAB, in tribulation mode, right? I will never forget Mogrey and that barrel explosion killing all of us except him. Another great moment was when Shadeblue took me to the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle, which I knew nothing of, guiding me through it while admiring the scenery. Then there is also my first and final run of Arah p4 with the guild, one of the greatest experiences ever in GW2 to which I am grateful to everyone who had joined me then. There are even memories out of the game that are that great and have to do with GW2 like when I met thevalliant during summer and went for a coffee discussing all kinds of stuff.

    Most if not all of my memories that have to do with Guild Wars 2 are great and I will always remember them with fondness! I hope there will be a lot more to come!

    1. It’s such a great feeling when you get to meet up close someone whose voice you hear almost every day over mumble or TS! I hope we can hold such meetings in the future. DragonSeason-ers, I want to meet all of you!

    2. Thanks for sharing! Finding the correct guild can really make the difference in enjoying a game. It’s always fun adventuring with you and the rest of DS!

  6. Standing above the altar in the Hall of Heroes and screaming to my guild “that’s my team! My team just won Halls!”

    1. Nice one! I never really managed to get into playing the Hall of Heroes, mainly cos I couldn’t find a stable team. To win it must have been pretty special.

  7. I’d never heard of Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 and was more of a console gamer than an MMO player but a friend from work told me she was starting to play it and it sounded fun so I told her I’d pick up a copy and we could play together. We played together for a couple of months before she ended up drifting back to WoW, I was hooked on GW2 by that point and so I went looking for some new friends to play with, which leads into my memory of the past.

    November 2012 and the monstrous Karka invade Lion’s Arch, the light house at Lion’s Gate falls for a final time and the heroes of Tyria answer the call to drive the invaders back to the isle from whence they came…

    Back then I’d recently joined a group of players through the Operation: Union thread on the official forum and as I prepared to head to Southsun Cove and battle the Karka on their turf I started talking to a couple in guild chat. Their names were Kit and ‘G’ and they asked if I wanted to party up with them for the Lost Shores event. We banded together and I headed to where their markers were on the map, but when I got there they were nowhere in sight – this was the first time I realised that EU and NA players couldn’t play together – I was on Gunnar’s Hold (EU) and they were on the Isle of Janthir (NA). I was really disappointed and was about to leave them to go on alone when they said it didn’t matter and that we should stick together and talk in party chat anyway and so began one of my fondest memories of the game.

    It goes without saying that it wasn’t the event that made the memory – anyone who was there for the Lost Shores fight will know what a horrible laggy, crashy, ultimate wipe-fest it was that day. But enduring all of that with Kit and G even though we weren’t on the same map was so much fun. We reported in as our respective maps wiped under herds of rolling karka, shared victories as we each pushed forward towards the Ancient Karka’s nest, welcomed one another back after the lull of an endless loading screen and sought consolation when one of us crashed out at the final moment of defeat (I eventually got my reward chest several weeks later…no precursor).

    After that day I spent a lot of time chatting with Kit and G and others based on NA servers, always bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t play together. As Wintersday approached I hatched a plan, I was going to go on holiday to the Isle of Janthir. I knew that with time off work over Christmas I’d be able to play in more NA friendly hours so I packed my digital bags and transferred servers (thankfully it was still free to do it) and was welcomed with open arms by all my NA-server friends. That was two and half years ago and I’ve never looked back, I made a final move to Tarnished Coast but have stayed on NA servers since that first Wintersday and continue to play this awesome game with awesome people.

    1. I managed to not DC during the karka event, despite the huge amounts of lag. I actually fondly remember it too, and it’s such a shame the lag destroyed what was ultimately an amazing event. I’m so glad that you found friends to chat with during that time, despite being on the other side of the world, and that, 2 years on, you’re still playing with them. That’s the beauty of online games; the friends we make in game can really make a difference to how we experience that game.
      Thank you for sharing this tale of friendship!

  8. My start with GW was from my dad. As he would be away a lot and this was the era of subscription mmos, he wanted something that had the same sense of community. So while my friends and I would play City of Heroes, whenever he was online we got together over Guild wars. The limited access time allowed me to build many characters that could help him through the story parts that I’d already beaten and I enjoyed every bit of it.
    Since the release of GW2 the roles have been somewhat reversed. I’ve started travelling with work, and since he has the better mobile coverage and a better laptop, he’s had the lions share of online time. But we still game together when we can, helping each other through personal story and some of the more taxing jumping puzzles.

    1. That’s awesome that you game with your father. I’m the only one in my family who plays MMOs, so I’m jealous of that connection you have.
      Thank you for sharing, and good luck on your next difficult jumping puzzle!

  9. My first character in GW2 was a norn that I levelled zone-by-zone through the Shiverpeaks. Having no previous experience of GW all the lore was new to me so I was reading everything and thoroughly enjoying it.

    After what seemed like quite sometime, but was probably a few days, I found my way to Owl’s Abattoir in Snowden Drifts and read about the Lost Spirits for the first time. I’d chosen a norn character mainly because of the norn lore regarding the Spirits and I found the whole thing very sad. I decided to buy a Charred Owl Totem as a keepsake and continued my travels.

    I hope one day we can return to the Far Shiverpeaks and avenge Owl and the others but I guess we’ll have to settle for Mordremoth for now. Stupid weed dragon.

    1. Haha, stupid weed dragon indeed. Do you still have the Charred Owl Totem?
      Thanks for sharing! I need to re-read the lore of the norn Spirits; it’s been too long since I’ve thought about them!

    2. Few people know about or remember the sacrifice of the Lost Spirits. Mind you, we do not know they have perished – they are “Lost”. My hope is we will meet them again, even in the norn afterlife. Until then, not a day goes by that I don’t visit The Great Lodge to have my beloved guardian take a swing at the Fang of the Serpent with her greatsword… I long for the day when my weapon will nick the fang, to indicate the time has come to hunt down and destroy Jormag and his Dragonspawn.

  10. I’d love to jump in on this. So here’s my story…

    So I had met this wonderful girl at college. We never really talked games or anything like that much, but we did hang out in school. Eventually, I asked her out and we went on a date. She lived out of town so I bummed a ride from somebody. We met, her dog canned me, she got embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, so she brought me in to the computer room.

    She asked me if I had ever heard of the game “Guild Wars” and I thought: “Uhh… no? What is it?” I honestly had never heard of an MMO outside of World of Warcraft at that point. Still, she threw it on and I watched as she played her Elementalist and was using keyboard shortcuts.

    Now, understand that most girls I grew up with thought video games were stupid and were two-finger typers.

    She let me try and that was my first experience, playing her Ele. Eventually I upgraded my computer just so we could play Guild Wars together. We went to WoW for a big and finally came back to Guild Wars for a long time because…

    We got married. Out of our wedding money, we actually purchased Factions and Nightfall, which began our journey of roleplaying characters together in-game. Her Ritualist and her Dervish always bring back amazing memories. After completing almost all the content (a few times now), I moved into Eye of the North on the side as we both started playing LOTRO. Great game, but we started getting tired just as Guild Wars 2 came out.

    I moved over to GW2, absolutely adoring it. She couldn’t get into something so “actiony.” Well people, let’s just say that eventually she wanted to RP with me and I convinced her to do GW2. My wife, who doesn’t really like action games, suddenly started playing Guild Wars 2.

    Because of GW2, it helped us both through postpartum depression, brought us online friends that have built into our lives, and given me the opportunity to even counsel some people with their marriage and lives… and it all started with a date.

    There’s a reason GW2 means so much to us, and it’s because Guild Wars as a whole has been a central part of our relationship for so long. Today, we celebrate 8 years of marriage (and 1.5 years of dating before that, and Guild Wars has been a heartbeat through all of it.

    1. I agree with Paeroka; this is an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing.

      To other people thinking about entering: remember, it’s a random choice, so everyone has an equal chance to win!

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