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Ho ho ho, and a very merry Wintersday to all!

The bells of Wintersday are chiming, and orphans all over Divinity’s Reach are looking forward to receiving gifts from Toymaster Tixx and generous heroes… even if these gifts contain ugly wool clothing! As for us heroes, we have a wealth of activities to enjoy, from trying out our musical talents in the Bell Choir, to “friendly” games of Snowball Mayhem, to the icy Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, to gleeful smashing in Toypocalypse.

We want YOU to celebrate Wintersday with us!
Quaggan misses Wintersday, foooOOOoo!

Wintersday arrives in Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday 13th December, and so to celebrate this, we at Dragon Season are hosting not one, but TWO competitions for you to participate in this holiday season. The theme of these competitions is “The Spirit of Wintersday“.

For the first competition, we would like you to comment below with a post about what The Spirit of Wintersday means to you. This could be a short story, a tale from your character’s perspective, a poem, or a carol, for instance. Why is Wintersday special to you? What do you enjoy about the festivities? What do you like to do during the holidays? As long as you stick to the theme of The Spirit of Wintersday, anything goes!

Confirmed: large norn love Wintersday

The second competition is a screenshot competition. We want to see your characters in their most festive attire! Action shots, scenery shots, pensive shots, drinking shots (please drink responsibly!), group shots, guild shots, dynamic shots… we want to see them all! Again, just make sure to stick to the theme of The Spirit of Wintersday, and let your creative side run wild!

Some tips for taking screenshots:

  •  Dec 8 MiniYou can hide the UI by pressing Ctrl-Shift-H, to get a cleaner image.
  • Make sure to have your character visible somewhere in the shot – we want to see them looking merry!
  • Once you’ve taken a screenshot you like, upload the image to an image-sharing site (like Imgur, for instance), then copy the direct link of the image provided and paste it in your comment below this post.

Dec 7 EleTwo competitions, two chances to win. But what about the prizes, I hear you cry?! Well good gracious me, you are all in for a treat! Toymaster Tixx has been hard at work, and with the generous support of ArenaNet, has sent us SIX Guild Wars 2 T-shirts (shown below, sizes S, S, M, L, XL, and XXL) to give away, as well as multiple codes for in-game items – Festive Hats, Mini Angry Wintersday Gifts, and a Snowflake Glider!

GW2 T-Shirts
Glorious Guild Wars 2 T-Shirts!

A few notes on the competitions:

  • Both competitions will run for two weeks, until the 24th of December, midnight UK time.
  • You can give an answer to both competitions in one post.
  • Alongside your answer, please let us know if you would prefer a T-shirt (which one and which size) or an item code.
  • We will be selecting winners randomly for each competition.
  • My personal favourite entry will win a code for the Snowflake Glider, and my next three favourites will each win a code for a mini Angry Wintersday Gift.
  • Both competitions are open to everyone, however…
  • Due to shipping costs, the physical rewards (T-shirts) are only available to those living within the EU. Sorry NA! The item codes are available to everyone.
  • Dec 8 Festive_HatYou can only win one prize, though my top four entries will win the bonus prizes listed above. There are 6 t-shirts and 5 Festive Hat item codes to win (and now, 5 copies of Talisman: Digital Edition), so everyone who enters has a good chance of winning!
  • Keep it clean. Any post I deem offensive will either be edited or removed.
  • Remember: stick to the theme of The Spirit of Wintersday!
  • If you have any questions, you can either post them below, or ask me on Twitter @TyrianTweets and @DragonSeasonCom, or email me: tyriantweets at gmail dot com

Good luck, have fun, and I hope everyone has a wondrous Wintersday!

But wait, there’s more! Whilst rummaging through the corners of my gift vault, I have discovered FIVE copies of Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam to give away (available to everyone!). Also, everyone who enters our competition is guaranteed a GW2 in-game mystery prize from me. Ugly wool clothing? Wintersday Gifts? Ectoplasm? Something more?! Who knows! Remember to say in your post which item (T-shirt / Festive Hat / Talisman: DE) you’d prefer to win.

36 thoughts on “Competition – The Spirit of Wintersday

  1. Would prefer a festive hat if I win. 🙂

    Screencap entry:

    And a short story about my Pact Commander just trying to keep a light on in dark times because I caught up on living world episodes right before Wintersday started this year.:


    There is a rushing feeling, a tugging as the exalted artifact works its magic, and then a crackling sound at her feet where a bright-eyed Aurene makes excited circles.

    “I’m happy to see you too, little one.” The golden chamber is humid, and the Pact Commander finds herself sweating despite having portaled from the Shiverpeaks. Her heart clenches with guilt and frustration when she thinks of Braham, Rox, and the elder dragons. How could he be so reckless? Maybe it was too soon. Maybe she was asking too much of him, of all of them, so soon after the devastation of the jungle dragon.

    ‘Don’t worry,” she sighs, bending down to pat the hatchling’s head. “I’ll figure it out, somehow. I always do. Isn’t that right?” But the hatchling is preoccupied with a clump of snow that has fallen from the Commander’s armor. She chirps and pushes her snout in it, confused. “That’s right, you’ve never seen snow, have you? And you probably won’t see more until you’re ready to leave Tarir.” Aurene stomps around in the wet remains, and the Commander smiles despite herself. “Then again,” she says, crossing her arms, “a proper introduction to the elements is essential to understanding how they interlock in our world. Fitting material for any young hatchling, really. Let’s get started, then.”


    Outside Hoelbrak, nobody questions the Pact Commander as she pushes heaps of snow into a course leather bag, though a fair many stare.


    “Here!” The Exalted portal stone still humming in her hand, the Commander’s sword flashes through the air, dashing the compacted snow into a flurry of smaller flakes that fall all around the blue dragon. “Someday you’ll fly over all of Tyria, and when you visit Hoelbrak, it’ll be just like this!” Aurene jumps and snaps at the flakes, chittering with delight. “The norn will love you,” the Commander chuckles, gathering up the now empty bag. “And when they meet you, it’ll be very important that you know the Wintersday custom of-”

    Zip–the leyline energy shoots her back into Hoelbrak, the spot she’d carved out already filled with fresh snow. This time, she stays a little longer to prepare, but then whoosh–the portal stone, like a puff of air, pushes her back into the golden chamber.

    “Snowballs!” Aurene opens her mouth just in time to catch a faceful, and crunches happily. “Good,” the Commander says through stifled laughter, “you’ll crush Jormag’s minions with ease!” Too soon, the bag empties again and they stand in puddles. “Once more, then, to–”

    Whump. The Commander falls back into the soft snow pack, dazed. What kind of dolyak stands right in front of a waypoi-

    “Oh, hey. Sorry.” Helm stowed, but otherwise the picturesque warrior.


    “Yeah. Wolf lodge said they saw the Pact Commander acting strange out here, but nobody wanted to go ask, so they sent me. Snow, huh?”

    “Yeah. It’s, uh, for a friend.” The silence was thick, broken only by the sound of snow being crunched into snowballs. Braham cleared his throat. He cleared it again.

    “Commander, I-”

    “We have a lot to talk about, Braham.”

    “I know.”

    “And I’m sorry, but I don’t think now is the best time.”

    “I..I understand.” She hefts the now full bag of snowballs over her shoulder. The portal stone begins to hum in one hand, and she places the other on Braham’s shoulder.

    “Come with me. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

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