Daily Achievement Points To The Max!


I’ve finally achieved it (for the second time). I’ve capped out my daily achievement points! Just in time for the release of Heart of Thorns. What follows is a brief rundown of my achievement points, how I rose up (and then fell down, and then rose up again) the achievement point leaderboards, the rewards I’ve earned and why I like them, and why I’m super happy to have finally maxed it out.

All your dailies are belong to me

Let me take you back 13 months, to the 5th September 2014. On this day, I managed to hit the 10,000 Achievement Point (AP) cap. Go me! I was happy. I was content. Then, this blog post appeared: “Introducing the New Daily Achievement System“. When this went live (early January 2015), you could no longer earn monthly APs, and whatever monthlies you had earned got merged into your current dailies. The cap also got raised to 15,000 daily APs. So from having hit the max of 10k APs, when the new system went live, I was effectively on just over 12k APs. That meant I had around 3k daily APs left to earn, getting 10 APs a day. I knew it would take a long time, but I’m here today to tell you that I’ve finally done it!

10000 Daily APs
10,000 Daily APs! Achieved on 05/09/14
15000 Daily APs
15,000 Daily APs! Achieved on 12/10/15

That’s right, I’ve hit my 15k daily AP total. As you can see:

12,406 daily APs + 2,594 monthly APs = 15,000 total APs.

The monthly AP total shown to the left is different from the first time I hit 10k APs (above) because I still had the rest of September, as well as all of October, November, and December, to earn monthly APs, for a total of 309 extra APs.

You can also see that in the span of just over a year, I’ve earned 1,603 permanent APs. These would be mainly Living Story achievements or Collections.

Graphs Galore

Because I felt like it, I decided to record what position I was on the Achievement Point Leaderboard each day. I was recording everything on Twitter (@TyrianTweets, shameless self plug), but I only started making an Excel table of it later on. By that time, and because of the way Twitter only archives your messages back a certain amount of time, I don’t have the data from when the AP Leaderboards actually went active. The earliest date I have is from 24/09/13, so that’s where I will begin. I do remember, however, that I was around position ~750 on the AP Leaderboards when it first arrived, and I climbed steadily from then.

Right, first graph! This one is my first year of Achievement Point hunting (which I recorded), and dates from September ’13 to September ’14. My position on the leaderboard is shown on the Y-axis, and the date is shown on the X-axis. I’ve also included a line of best fit.

GW2 Leaderboard Rankings 240913-240914
Rising up the ranks

Over the period of the first year I have recorded, I went from position 203 all the way up to position 36. Not a bad rise, even if I do say so myself. Before you say it, yes, the graph is going down, not up, but I’d rather the Y-axis starts at 0 and rises up, than it starting at 250 and moving down. Personal preference, but you get the basic gist of the graph.

As you can see, I broke into the top 100 on 12/04/14, and have remained there ever since. The first big drop came around 24/10/13, when I had no internet connection for 5 days. That one spike at 183 at the start of December ’13 is… odd. I can’t remember what happened there! Since then, however, it’s been a pretty consistent rise up the ranks.

Next graph we have is of the following year, from September ’14 to September ’15, and can be seen below.

GW2 Leaderboard Rankings 240914-240915
The creeping fall (aka Holidays!)

As you can see, it’s a lot harder to maintain a top position than it is to reach it! When you’re near the top, everyone around you is doing their dailies and getting +10 APs, so the only change that occurs is when you get APs from doing some permanent achievements (like weapon master, or the Living Story achievements), or players miss days. The main reason for my creeping fall down the rankings is due to going on holiday during the summer months of this year. I missed around a month’s worth of dailies due to vacations (not that I’m complaining; the holidays were great fun), but it shows in my Leaderboard rankings. From the end of May to the end of June, I was away a fair amount, and you can see the bumps as I fall down the table.

However, all is not vain! My final graph (is that a collective sigh of relief I hear?) shows my AP Leaderboard position from start to, well, now. Behold!

GW2 Leaderboard Rankings 240913-121015
Leaderboard positions until I hit 15k daily APs

The rise, fall, and rise again. A brief comment on that large rise in position shown on 29/09/15. This was the day that buggy patch hit, whereby you could log in with each of your characters and gain the daily reward for each of them separately. I earned six dailies that day, bumping my up from position 81 to 68. All that achieved though was me reaching 15k daily APs five days earlier than I thought I would. I’m pretty entrenched now around the 50-60 position on the Leaderboards, and I doubt that’ll change much until Heart of Thorns releases very soon. That will bring a slew of new achievements, and I predict my position on the Leaderboards will fluctuate wildly.

Achievements And Rewards

Some people question why I’m an achievement point hunter. I often ask myself that very same question. The answer? I like to. I like the feel of earning new achievements. I like to see my position on the AP Leaderboard rise up. I also like the unique rewards I can earn.

Hellfire Warrior
God of Hellfire

With over 28,000 APs, I am an Illustrious Achiever, have earned ALL of the Zenith weapon skins, and have all bar the chestpiece of the Hellfire armour set (check out my asura warrior of hellfire above!), and 4/6 pieces of the Radiant armour set (missing the chest and leggings). I have also earned 2000 gems, hundreds of gold, loads of laurels, lots of chests with goodies, and a great deal of account bonuses. It’s a substantial amount of loot, just from playing the game how I want.

Account Rewards
Lovely account bonuses and achievement point rewards

Final Thoughts

Heart of Thorns is just around the corner. With it, a whole raft of new achievements and achievement points will become available. I still have plenty of unfinished PvP, WvW, and Activities achievements to earn, although all of them are long term goals.

Now that I’ve maxed out my daily AP gain, I need not worry about missing days and dropping down the ranks. I sincerely hope that the 15k daily AP limit is NOT increased, as I like the idea of focusing on other achievements now, and not just logging in to do the daily each and every day. It frees up my mind and my time. Please Anet, please do not increase the daily AP cap!

I’ll continue to monitor my position on the AP Leaderboards, and I’m excited to see how much HoT will change things. All the new explorer achievements! All the new collections! All the new… everything! Thank you for reading, and I’ll let you know once I’m a Wondrous Achiever!

Do you collect achievement points? Are you aiming to reach the daily AP cap? Am I crazy? Let me know in the comments below! 

4 thoughts on “Daily Achievement Points To The Max!

    1. Chris, give the man a break! Why shouldn’t the cap be raised again? He clearly *needs* something to keep him busy! :p

      Well done Ed! Your persistence is out of this world. You’re clearly alien 😀

    2. Hehe, thanks both. With HoT nearly upon us, I certainly don’t *need* the daily AP grind to keep me busy! All the new HoT achievements will do that for me ;-p

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