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In this past month ArenaNet introduced us to a new, special feature of the game – the much talked about Guild Missions. Up until now, the only type I’ve had the chance to play with my guild was the Guild Bounty. In this article I decided to write about possible improvements to this. The whole concept of Guild Bounty has quite interesting foundations, however I believe it is still in its infant stages. Nevertheless I am pretty certain that ArenaNet has plans to develop it further into something which will be much more fun to play. The secret lies in the word they themselves added in the MMO world: “dynamic”. In much the same manner an event unfolds – for instance: a group of Centaurs attacks an outpost and conquers it, should you fail to drive them off – so could a Guild Bounty progress. How would that work, you ask? Let us present the story of Prisoner 1141 and see what could come out of it.

In the dark and narrow passes of Iron Marches, deep in the sanctuaries of Iron Legion, inside the maximum security prison of Scourgejaw’s Vault, Charr Prisoner 1141 is held in chains. In his lightless claustrophobic cell, after two months in isolation and total calmness, the door opens and two guards enter through. They grab him from his arms and, through the ruckus of the other inmates, lead him back to his proper cell in the long-term convicts wing. The night falls and the lights are killed, but he does not shut his eyelids. He has waited for this exact moment forever. His cellmate for the past two months had managed to finish the task that Prisoner 1141 had to abandon when they’d thrown him in isolation. Using a metal spoon as his only tool he managed to drill a tunnel in the western wall of their cell, concealing it with a “Walk the right path!” correctional poster.

The two of them got out of their beds and one after the other entered the narrow tunnel. They emerged in the prison yard, with but one obstacle to overcome now: the fence. That’s when the bright spotlight fell on the clumsy Charr, Gron Crimsonsward. The guard manning the nearest tower did not stop to think for a second, only armed his weapon and fired on the fugitive killing him instantly. This unfortunate event served as the perfect diversion for the highly trained ex-spy of the Ash Legion, Prisoner 1141. He climbed the fence with acrobatic skills and managed to lose himself in the shadows of the forest bordering the prison grounds. By the time all the lights in the correctional complex went on and the sirens screamed, he was long gone.

23723Bounty-Mayana-1No one had noticed that the attempted escapees were two and only after the counting did they realize that Prisoner 1141 had broken out. A public warrant was issued for his apprehension, dead or alive, offering as reward a crap-load of influence and a ton of merit. That same night, Prisoner 1141 met with his gang in their old hung out. No one knows the exact location. Rumors have it he’s somewhere in the Iron Marches among his allies, inside a cave, guarded day and night and totally unbreachable; whoever managed to get through would be met with numerous traps as well as 1141’s sinister gang.

What I am attempting to bring out with all of the above is that each Guild Bounty’s target should create its own open world dungeon at a random place of the area where it’s supposed to take place. When a group travels there to encounter their target, they will enter a portal and the time they have until they apprehend him/her starts to countdown just then, instead of having a timer common for all encounters. This will solve the problem of racing against another guild aiming to get the same target first, a situation which now leads to having to locate said target all over again. This portal will be open to anyone, regardless of guild, for the entire duration of the mission. Even if someone enters in the nick of time and doesn’t get a chance to attack the target, he or she will still receive a reward.

Another point I’m trying to make is that in this dungeon you will have to get through the “gang” and their champions before you get a chance to deal with the “boss” at the end. Similar to all the well-designed mechanics that ArenaNet has spoiled us with so far, in the Fractals of the Mists fashion. As a last stroke, it would be really cool if there was also some lore behind each target, as well as a couple of cinematics to convey the beginning and the end of the mission.

That’s all I had to say regarding Guild Bounty. Please share your opinions with us by leaving your comments just below.

-George Merkouris

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