Fourth Year Anniversary Competition

Fourth Anniversary

Can you believe it? It has been four years since Guild Wars 2 was released to the public. Four years! To celebrate four years of adventuring in Tyria, we at Dragon Season are hosting a competition to win some neat prizes. Up for grabs include a couple of Charr Plushies, two GW2 T-shirts,  a few mini pet codes, and two times 50 gold.

The past four years have zipped by in a blur, and I have some amazing memories from playing Guild Wars 2. I’ve immersed myself in the open, living world, and experienced all it has to offer. I’ve roamed across the depth and breadth of  Tyria, from Ascalon in the east to the heart of the Maguuma in the west, from the Shiverpeaks in the north to the Cursed Shore in the south. I’ve slain elder dragons, looted dungeons, got lost in the timeless Fractals of the Mists, waged open war in the Eternal Battlegrounds, and emerged victorious fighting other players in the Heart of the Mists. I’ve witnessed Scarlet Briar’s rise to power, fought her Toxic and Molten Alliance, defended Lion’s Arch from her invasion, and defeated her aboard the Breachmaker. I’ve died laughing to the Mad King’s jokes at Halloween, revelled in the spirit of Wintersday, and hopped, skipped, and jumped my way through the Super Adventure Box.

I’ve made a wealth of new friends around the world, attended two fantastic fan-run events (Foostival 2015 and 2016), created a specialised Twitter account just for Guild Wars 2 (@TyrianTweets), and became a writer and editor right here at Dragon Season.


But now, the competition itself! How does one go about winning these awesome prizes, I hear you cry? Fair question! What I would like you to do is to comment below with your memories of Guild Wars 2 during the past four years. What event has stood out for you? What keeps you playing? What is your biggest accomplishment in game? You can even look forward and tell us what you think the future will hold (our very own Northerner was spot on with the reveal of Primordus!)

A few notes on the competition:

  • Due to shipping costs, the plushies and t-shirts are only available to those living in the EU. Sorry NA! The mini pet codes and gold I can send to anyone in the world.
  • The grey GW2 T-shirt is size XL.
  • The black Rytlock T-shirt is size M.
  • When commenting, please put the prizes you would like to win in order, i.e. 1) Charr Plushie, 2) T-shirt (with a preference on which one), 3) mini pet code, 4) 50g. If you live outside the EU, just say if you want the mini pet code or 50g.
  • This competition is open to everyone, but note the geographical restrictions for the prizes above.
  • I will draw winners randomly until all the prizes have been given away.
  • You can only win one prize.
  • The competition will run for one week, and will end midnight UK time on Saturday 3rd September.

Good luck!!

25 thoughts on “Fourth Year Anniversary Competition

  1. Alrighty then, it’s time to announce the winners!

    Before I do, I want to extend a huge thank you to all that entered this competition. Reading your memories of the game reminded me of so many things I’d forgotten, and of how this game appeals to such a range of people. I hope you all enjoyed reading each other’s memories of four years of Guild Wars 2 too!

    And now, the winners! (I used to select a number between 1 and 18 (the number of entries), and then chose the prize according to what they wanted)

    Emma and Arnauron each won a cuddly and furrocious Charr Plushie!

    Fearan won the black T-shirt, and Poliator won the grey T-shirt!

    Luis Jorge and Keith McManus each won 50g!

    Macstat and Sonia are the proud owners of some new mini pets!

    I’ve emailed the winners, so if you could reply to that email, I can get these prizes out to you.

    As a thank you for participating to the rest of you, if you send me an email (tyriantweets(at) using the same email as you used here, and include your account name (xxx.1234) or character name, I’ll send you a little something.

    Congratulations once again to everyone, and thank you! Here’s to the next four years of Guild Wars 2!

  2. The competition is now closed! I’ll draw the winners soon and get in touch. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful memories of four years of Guild Wars 2!

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