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Hello folks!

It’s been long and of course I know that you’ve not missed me at all. Even though this has been a rough week for me and these news may show up kinda late over here, I cannot abandon my duty, simply due to always being faithful at your service.

As far as I would love to comment on everything while presenting every tiny bit of information, I think I would have to pass. You know, sometimes, it may kinda feel like a pretty easy procedure to write something down for your blog. Covering two lingually separated communities though, skimming through both articles during the editing process and ensuring that the whole thing is well presented, makes the idea of keeping a strict schedule somewhat fragile. That is especially when you are not privileged with having access to such precious stuff beforehand, in order to preview it for the general public. So, what I’m going to do today is showcase a couple of links that should be visited by all of you, if you want to keep track of what’s coming up next for our favorite game.

Keeping this in mind, and without further ado, let’s move on to the presentation.

On the news side then, ArenaNet has released tons of info this week regarding its future plans for Guild Wars 2. Interviews, articles and lots of community effort made their appearance, all this along with a brand new patch. Filtering up this incredible amount of content, this is what you REALLY have to check out:

Looking Ahead: Guild Wars 2 in 2013 – Colin Johanson took some time to describe what the rest of the year holds for the game. He revealed pretty much a new character progression system that relies on the addition of new skills and traits, a revamp of the magic find system and an expansion to the capabilities of Legendary weapons. The most notable of the announcements though is that they are looking into further establishing crafting within the game’s economy, by providing it with lots of exclusively valuable content. Definitely looking forward to this changes I should say, and so should you!

Cutthroat Politics – Moving on, a brand new patch was implemented in the game about a week ago, and as you’re reading through this, you probably have one more week to have a look at it. What’s interesting with this one is that players get to determine what’s coming up in some months time. Without spoiling that much, an election takes place and there are two NPCs that have gone for it. Whoever of those candidates becomes the most voted one, will offer to the playerbase totally different in game content and of course will alter the progress of the entire future storyline. It’s such an interesting concept and honestly I cannot wait to see what is planned by the devious dev team for the months ahead.

Interview: Guild Wars 2 Game Director Talks Dungeons, Dragons and Chairs – Not much to mention about this one, other than the way it is presented made me smile. Isn’t that a reason for it to make it to this list? We are talking about notable stuff here! Anyway, it’s Colin Johanson once again looking through his crystal ball. According to the man that dislikes sword swinging, a revamp process of the existing dungeons may take place sometime in the future. This won’t be an out of context thing, but rather something introduced through the Living World adaptation. One last thing that caught my eye in this one is that we may even get to see a proper chicken fight with Zhaitan in the future, instead of the current noobish tower hugging tactic that the Elder Dragon has been reported to go with.

GuildMag Issue #9 July ~ A New Dawn – GuildMag is back and how am I supposed to not mention it? It’s a community galore, it’s what drives us all Guild Wars 2 players forward. Ollanach and his team did an amazing job with this one. From showcasing community creativeness, to sitting down with ArenaNet’s story department for a marvelous interview that pleases even the most demanding of the lore junkies, this is a must read for you people. And I really do mean it!

That’s all for now. I’ve nothing more to say. It’s your turn now. Let me know in the comment section below what you think of the ongoing storyline and be sure to mention your vision of what the rest of 2013 may hold for Guild Wars 2.

Don’t forget that we are just a couple of days away from yet another patch reveal. As a matter of fact that’s going to take place coming Tuesday (July the 30th), with a release date scheduled for the 6th of August. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful in game time and remember to let your voice be heard in the elections!

Hint: Vote for Evon!

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