Guild Wars 2 Mysteries: Five against Six


It’s one of my favorite places in game, the Durmand Priory. There are so many interesting books, weird artifacts and tiny hints to unknown pieces to the lore hidden in the basement, it’s amazing for sure and a must visit for anyone interested in the background behind Guild Wars 2. But what most people don’t realise is that one of Guild Wars 2 greatest mysteries is not hidden away in that basement, where you´d expect it, but right there on the top level of the Durmand Priory. And once you finally know who to look for, the things said are just amazing.

If you enter the hall, you can find her sitting on the right ledge, Scholar Trueclaw. She is interesting for sure, an agent of the Order of Whispers infiltrating the Durmand Priory, but even more interesting is the area of research she is focusing on. She is studying the Elder Dragons, and the Sentient races with a special focus on the Tome of the Rubicon.


If you start talking to her, she says some pretty amazing things (depending on which choice you made, Vigil, Priory or the Order) but the very first thing she says is something that always makes me wonder:

“Jotun, mursaat, forgotten, seer, dwarf. Five against six. It seems so unfair. And, yet…”

I think this line tells it all. Five against six is not fair, absolutely not, but just look at the way some of the major plot reveals in this game have been working. During the original Guild Wars we started with knowing of only five Human Gods, but the whole plot line basically evolved about us fighting the Sixth Human God, Abaddon. The same goes for the Elder Dragons, we knew there were five Elder Dragons when we started playing Guild Wars 2 and the sixth Elder Dragon only was revealed a year ago, Mordremoth. Both of these were about five turning out to be six in the end. The same goes for the playable races we have, rumors of a sixth one have been going on for a long time. It would not be that strange if we found out in the end there were six sentient races after all.

Just look at some of her other dialogue:

When you joined the Durmand Priory:

It’s accepted that there were five sentient races who fought the Elder Dragons the first time and survived.”

We have the dwarven Tome of the Rubicon, but it has been changed over the years.”

Through copying and re-copying as the physical material of the tome degraded with time, I would imagine, though other, more political factors may have played a role.”

When your joined the Order of Whispers:

One must count the uncounted.”

And name the unnamed.”

I found out that there were five sentient races that fought the Elder Dragons the first time around…. and survived to tell about it.”

It’s just a few lines, but look at what is implied in here. There were five races that lived to tell the tale, that survived to tell about it. The Tome of the Rubicon, one of the most important documents referring to the Elder Dragons being changed over time, degraded but, more interesting even, being changed trough political factors. It could be for sure, it has been on my mind for quite a while, a sixth sentient race. This race either didn’t live to tell the tale, or just kept to themselves, totally, not revealing anything to anyone. None of the other races wanted to acknowledge them, they never talked about them and even changed written history about that sixth race. It implies so much for sure.

So is there a way of knowing what that sixth race would be? Not really of course, all just speculation, but I have a few ideas for sure. One of the most likely races would be the Tengu, they are a mysterious race, they really don’t reveal that much, but on the rare occasions we can meet them they do reveal that they know much more than we do about the Elder Dragons. They even know about ascension, in their case Weh-no-Su, just like the forgotten, the dwarves (rite of the Great Dwarf), mursaat (bloodstone summoning) but these last two are just my opinion, nothing that states it has anything to do with ascension. I think that the Tengu could be that sixth race, but I’m not sure, I won’t be surprised if the Tengu would turn out to be the sixth playable race, or at least the sixth race that is aiding us in the battle against the Elder Dragons.

So what, speculation here, if Mordremoth acted the way he did on a previous occasion? What if he created his own minions, similar to the Sylvari? An ancient Pale Tree? What if it all happened before? It’s minions turning on their dragon? I think that would definitely be enough reason for the other races to distrust that race. Just look at the way the other races are treating the Sylvari at this moment (especially through the teaser videos). That hate, distrust. What if that was the political reason to erase the ancient Sylvari Dragon minions from history?

It’s one of the things that really has me wondering in game. Maybe we never find out the truth behind it, but just the idea that it all could be so much bigger than we think now, is amazing to me.

Think only time can tell 😀

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